How to Unpack in the Right Order

If you have moved, you know that getting everything on the move can be a time-consuming and stressful process – but that’s only the beginning!  Once you get to your new location, make the unpacking process more manageable by following these simple steps.

  1. BEFORE MOVING Make sure your moving items are organized – printed moving labels, handwritten contents or other ways of identifying what’s in each container will make WAY easier when you get to your new location.
  2. Keep essential documents in a moving box or a safe place – moving boxes are moving storage containers that can also be used to store critical moving documents such as moving licenses and moving permits. You may want to keep those with you as you move so they are easily accessible.
  3. Make moving easier by packing with carrying bags or moving cartons – you might even want to get moving tubs for large items that need to be moved, as moving cartons and moving tubs are more spacious than moving boxes. (Credit Information:
  4. Evaluate moving supplies you need – some will need moving boxes, others can go in moving bags – and make sure that special household items – particularly breakables – are in the right type of container – such as moving tubes, tubs, etc.
  5. Sort your move into three categories:
  • Need now (such as all kitchen utensils)
  • Need soon (like winter coats/summer clothes and bedding)
  • Need later (such as hobby items). You may choose to assign moving boxes for each category or keep moving boxes open, moving things as needed.
  1. Create a moving schedule to help you decide when moving boxes should be unpacked – moving boxes tend to stack up if even one is left unopened for an extended period!
  2. Have a separate schedule and containers – bins, etc. – for storing items in the new location.
  3. Sort moving boxes and moving bags: moving storage items can be neat or messy, depending on how you organize them.
  4. Once organized, move boxes to the correct rooms as soon as possible – this will help expedite your unpacking. Place moving bags and any padding items – like blankets – in the areas where they will be used or stored – this will ensure that you can find those items when you need them!
  5. Unpack and dispose of your moving boxes and materials right away. You may be tempted to stack everything in a storage area for some time while you settle in, but unpacking moving boxes immediately after moving will help you to adjust at a faster rate, thus making the moving process easier.
  6. HINT: Do NOT unpack moving boxes or bags if those and any packing/padding materials cannot be moved immediately: they can cause clutter and tripping which leads to moving chaos!
  7. If you don’t have bins or other storage items, you can repurpose moving boxes by using them to hold items needed later.

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