How to update arlo go firmware update?

Firmware updates for the Arlo Go are downloaded over cellular data. Minor firmware updates, which happen every three months or so, consume about 8MB of data (0.8 percent of a 1GB data allotment). Larger upgrades, which occur around once a year, can be up to 52MB in size (5.2 percent of a 1GB data allotment).

As long as the cameras are connected to the LTE network, powered on, and have at least 15% battery, Arlo Go software updates happen automatically. If arlo firmware update is issued while your camera is turned off, disconnected, or has a low battery, the firmware update will occur automatically within 24 hours after you put it back on, confirm that it is connected to the network, and ensure that the battery is charged.

To minimise camera downtime during the day, automatic updates occur between 3:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. If the firmware update is major, you won’t be able to see your camera in real time until the firmware is updated, but motion and sound detection will continue to work, and your camera will continue to record in the current mode. You can either wait for the update to happen automatically between 3:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., or you can manually upgrade. For additional information on manually updating your firmware, see How can I manually update my Arlo firmware?

The camera’s LED blinks alternately blue and amber when a firmware update is in progress. The camera’s LED will then turn off for one to two minutes while the firmware is installed. The camera reconnects to the network after the firmware update is complete, and the LED blinks blue fast.

The LED on your Arlo Go camera does not blink to indicate that a firmware update is in progress if the camera’s LED is turned off in the camera settings. Before cutting power to the camera, ensure sure you can view it live from the Arlo app or a web browser when the LED is turned out. Your camera may become unusable if you remove the battery or otherwise interrupt power while a firmware upgrade is in progress.

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