How to Update Your TP Link Router Firmware?

Updating the firmware of TP link router requires you to follow a couple steps. But often, some users do feel confused over the process like from where the process can be initiated. So if you’re too one of those users who aren’t sure how to update TP link router firmware, the following guide will help you to do it.

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Guidelines for How to Upgrade Firmware of Your TP Link Router

Step 1: To figure out how to update firmware on TP Link router, the first step would be go to the Download Center for your region on the TP Link website and select the appropriate drop-downs for your router.

Step 2: After get away from the first step, click on the Firmware.

Step 3: Extract or unzip the Firmware from the downloaded .ZIP file.

Step 4: Log in to the router’s web management platform.

Step 5: Select the System Tools-Firmware Upgrade and then select on the Browse to find the extracted firmware file and select the Open button.

Step 6: Click the “Upgrade” button and your device will reboot automatically after the firmware update has successfully done.

Step 7: Select the Status to see if the router’s firmware has been upgraded.

Step 8: Some firmware updates will restore your router to factory settings. If it is, you need to run the Quick Setup Wizard to re-configure your TP-Link router.

With the above steps followed successfully, you can figure out how to update router firmware TP link. If you need to learn how to factory reset TP link router, for example, go through the guided link.

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