How to Upgrade the Version of Android on Tablet

When upgrading the Android version, you should take backup of the tablet files on a daily basis to the account of Google. You can update the Android version by rooting, but it is same as upgrading the Tablet. Pairing the tablet with the system and with the help of particular software and the version of Android you like to install.

Steps to Update the Tablet Above Wi-Fi

•    Pair the Tablet to Wi-Fi. You can complete this step by going down from the upper side of the display and pressing the “Wi-Fi” option.

  • In case Wi-Fi is automatically not connected to the tablet, choose a “Wi-Fi Network” and type a protected password, in case it is compulsory.
  • Upgrading the Android gadget by using Wi-Fi is the easiest step to do so.

•    Open the “Tablet’s Settings” page. It resembles a “Gear Shaped” symbol, but it can be an application which is similar to “Slider Bars.”

•    Press the “General” button. You will get this on the upper side of the display.

•    Go down and press the “About Device” button. It is located at the end of the menu list.

•    Press the “Update” button. You will get this at the upper side of the menu list and depends on the device version you are currently working on, go through the Software

Update or System Firmware Update.

•    Click “Check for Updates.” The tablet will find all the latest updates which are available for your device.

  • Some of the Android version is for a particular device. The tablet will find the updates which are meant for your Android gadget.

•    Click “Update” option. In case an update is available for your device, then the update option will come at the upper side of the phone menu list.

•    Press the “Install” option. This option will show “Reboot & Install” or “Install System Software” button. It will start downloading and installing on the tablet.

Steps to Update the Tablet Through Desktop

•    Open the “Tablet Manufacturer’s” site by using your default browser. Go through the link to the “Support” and “Downloads” webpage.

  • Type the particular gadget details or allow the tablet to get notifications from “Software Updates.”

•    Downloading and installing “Device Management Software.” The title and its feature of Device Management Software differ “Manufacturer to Manufacturer.”

•    Go back to the “Tablet Manufacturer’s” site.  Go back to the “Support” and “Downloads” webpage.

•    Find the latest updates. You will get these updates into downloads folder by installing through the manufacturers.

•    Pair the tablet with the desktop. Using the cable for pairing the tablet with the desktop which comes into the new device box. It is known as Universal Serial Bus to small Universal Serial Bus cable.

•    Go to the “Device Management” app.

•    Find the “Update Command” option. You will get this in the tab menu list or pull-down menu list beside the upper side of the screen.

•    Press on the “Update Command” option. Once you click on this option, then the process of updating gets the start. Go through its cause to finish this updating process.

Steps to Root the Tablet

•    Take a “Back Up” of the Android gadget. Follow these steps if you like to go back  to the “Rooting Process.”

•    Find online for “Rooting Software” option.

•    Downloading the “Software.” Go through the instructions for downloading and installing the “Rooting Software” on the desktop.

•    Pair the tablet to the Android desktop. With the help of your device Universal Serial Bus cable pair the tablet to the Android desktop.

•    Go to the “Rooting Software” option.

•    Begin the rooting process. Read its cause into the “Rooting Software” option to finish this process.

•    Start the tablet again. After completing all these steps, the tablet will start on your Android which you had installed earlier.

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