How to Use a Silicone Nectar Collector: Tips and Tricks

Do you want to purchase a silicone nectar collector? But not sure how to use it? You’re in luck! We’re offering a few tips and tricks for how to properly use a silicone nectar collector.

What is a silicone nectar collector?

But first, what exactly is a silicone collector? A silicone nectar collector is a silicone-based smoking device that is used for consuming wax and oil concentrates. Here are our best tips and tricks for using a silicone nectar collector:

  • Add water to your nectar collector. Many silicone nectar collectors feature a built-in water filter. Before heating and using your silicone nectar collector, you should carefully add water. It’s pretty simple. Just add about half a tablespoon of water to your nectar collector’s body and make sure not to overfill the silicone nectar collector. If the divide is overfilled, the water could flow out of the nozzle and burn you, so it’s super important not to overfill the nectar collector with water.
  • Heat the tip. Next, after adding water, you are ready to start using your silicone nectar collector by prepping your concentrate. Simply place your loaded silicone concentrate container on a flat surface like a table. Then you can start heating the tip of the nectar collector with a butane torch. You don’t want to heat the tip for too long. About five to eight seconds of heating will work well. Once you have achieved the right amount of heat, you are ready to start smoking.
  • Take the perfect hit. You can start smoking with your silicone nectar collector by placing your lips against the silicone end and inhaling through the straw hole. Lower the heated tip until it contacts the oil or wax concentrate and rolls the tip against the silicone container. Be aware that a little bit of concentrate can go a long way, so make sure to start with a very small amount. About the size of a ladybug is perfect.
  • Clean your nectar collector. Once you are done smoking with your silicone nectar collector, it is time to clean your smoking device! It’s pretty easy to clean your device. Just start by clearing out any of the solid materials from the slide using either a stiff brush or a cotton swab. Once you have cleared away and removed all of the solid material, you are ready to take apart all of the pieces of the silicone nectar collector. Apply a silicone-safe cleaning solution to the inside of the silicone body and allow the silicone to soak for about five minutes before scrubbing away any grime that is stuck onto the device. You can also use some old toothbrushes or even more cotton swabs to clean and remove any stuck-on dirt. After you are done cleaning, you can rinse your product and let it dry.

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