How to Use Alarms in Windows 10?

In the last century, people utilized conventional alarm clocks; however, they have become outmoded these days. Presently, people use smartphones and their computers to set up an alarm.

Windows 10 allows setting the alarm with many additional characteristics, such as a stopwatch and timer, which are very useful. Alarms play a crucial role in the day-to-day stays by waking up or reminding you of many other specific things.

Alarms in Windows 10

The most mandatory thing to remember before setting the alarm in Windows 10 is that it will only work whenever the system is awake and not if it is in sleep mode or shut down/switched off. Setting the alarm in Windows 10 is easy and straightforward. Furthermore, it also permits many options to select from and provides you the power to use based on your desire.

Directions to Display an Alarm Clock on Desktop Windows 10

Generally, you can examine the time at the right end of the Windows 10 Desktop. There is only time for your country or district because of the differences in the Time zone, time variation as shown. Therefore, you have to go to the display of many time zones on the Windows 10 Desktop.

Based on your requirements, you can select to put a Windows Desktop clock or a virtual or a floating clock, or a wide or small Desktop clock on Windows 10 desktop if you would like to do so.

Setting the alarm in Windows 10

  • To set the alarm in Windows 10, you have to find out the Alarms in the Windows search bar and then tap it. In the Alarm and Clock option, you can switch on the default alarm or include a new alarm. To switch on the default alarm, hit on the on-off toggle in front of the 7:00 AM alarm.
  • To set a fresh or new alarm, you need to press on the Plus Icon provided at the end of the Window.
  • Further, you can now easily set up an alarm attested below the new alarm column. It will also present you with how much time there is before the time alarm rings.
  • Now, you can enter an alarm name, select the alarm tone, snooze time, and how many times it repeats. Once you complete the alarm time and some other settings, then you have to tap on the disk symbol attached at the bottom right of the Window to secure the alarm.
  • Doing such a thing will connect you to the Alarm and Cock option, and the new alarm will be shown on your screen.
  • Once you set or fix an alarm, ensure your system is awake for the alarm to ring. Devices usually turn head to sleep whenever there is no activity on your screen for a particular time.

Guide to Change the Sleep Time to Never

In case you are setting a mission-critical alarm, you must make sure to develop your computer’s Shutdown/Sleep setting to make it turn on constantly. In case you are thinking of changing the Sleep Settings in your preferred device, you can go to the Windows Settings and head to the System column.

Now from the System settings, press on the Power and Sleep bar and change the sleep time never to option whenever plugged in. You also have a choice to change the sleep time to never on battery power. However, you could run out of the cost/price; hence it is to be ignored. The time when you set up an alarm, keep your system plugged in so that it is left awake at the time of the alarm.

Procedure to Delete an Alarm in Windows 10

You have the option to set multiple alarms based on your desires. Hence it is a better idea to delete alarms that you are not in need of.

  • Primary, you need to visit the Alarm and Clock app.
  • Secondly, you have to perform a right-tap on the alarm entry you wish to delete.
  • Further, press the Delete button.

Steps to Edit an Existing Alarm in Windows 10

  • Once you set the alarm, you may need to change the set alarm time. Then you have to walk through this guide:
  • Go to the Alarm and Clock column and right-hit on an alarm.
  • Moreover, you must press the Edit bar.
  • And then, you have to generate appropriate changes to the time and other choices/options.
  • And lastly, press the Save option.

Final Verdict 

In short, creating or setting up a new alarm in Windows 10 and you can view it below the Alarms option in the Alarms and Clock app. Going through the same procedure, you can generate many alarms. You need to tap on the Add option, change/convert the settings as required, and tap on the Save option. In case you do not prefer to set the alarm, you can switch it off or delete or eradicate it. And to delete an alarm, you have to right-hit on it and choose the Delete bar. Hopefully, all the attached directions would have helped you in setting up an alarm in Windows 10 and made it perform in a more easiest method.


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