How to use AOL spam and privacy features?

One cannot deny from the fact that AOL mail is being used by millions of users across the world. This free web-based email service gives the users a number of features which makes it different from other email services. Apart from features like unlimited storage space and up to 25 MB attachment limit, it offers high-level of spam and privacy protection. Let’s read these features in detail.


How to block spam in AOL?

AOL mail automatically blocks mails incoming from a spam sender. However, if it misses any mail, you can simply select it from your inbox and click Spam button in the menu bar. The more you filter such mails, the better your personal spam filter will be at recognizing such mails.

How to block mails from a particular sender?

There could be times when you meet some annoying email senders. They could be someone promoting their business without actually targeting the right customers or someone using paid email marketing services. But don’t worry; as you can easily block such unwanted emails from up to 50 senders just by choosing the same in your mail filters. Open the filters and add the email address to it. So, the next time you receive any mail from that sender, it will be automatically shifted to spam or trash folder by the AOL.

However, chances may happen when you accidently mark an email as spam. Don’t worry; you can still move the marked email to your inbox. But make sure you take this action before five days as after this period the spam email will be deleted automatically. Follow the below mentioned steps to do this job:

  • Click the Spam folder in the left panel
  • Select the mail you want to move back to your inbox
  • Click OK Not Spam button
  • It’s done!


How to turn off the links in emails from unknown people?

The digital world today is prone to a number of viruses and scams. So, it is better to turn off the links in the messages as they could accidently land up at a page which is infected. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Click Mail Settings from the Options, in the upper right of your AOL mail homepage
  2. Open the General Settings and check the box next to “Disable links in mail from unknown senders” in the Reading section
  3. Save these settings
  4. Refresh your browser and enjoy complete protection from viruses

For any further help, please contact AOL customer support team and get the issue fixed by a certified technician.


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