How to Use Bubble and Screen Effects in iMessage

Several things make the iPhone special, but the iMessage feature in the Message app is the favorite feature of most of the users. In iMessage, you can use various types of effects to make your chat room look cool and attractive. Chat effects are the most used features on iMessage in which balloons, fireworks, confetti, and shooting star effects are included. You can use it as well if you have never used it. Before beginning with iMessage, you need to activate it from Settings>Messages>Activate iMessage. You need to be connected with the internet to send and receive messages.

How to Add Bubble Effects on iMessage

  1. Mention the “Message” to send.
  2. Make a “Long Press” on the “Send” key.
  3. Choose the Bubble effect tab on top, if it’s not selected already.
  4. Press on the “Effect” that you want to apply.
  5. Choose the effect and tap on “Send” from the right side of the arrow.

How to Cancel the Bubble Effect in iMessage

After choosing the bubble, if you change your mind and want to cancel it, press on the “Cancel” key on the bottom side of the effect.

What is the Use of Bubble Effect in iMessage

Loud: In this effect, a giant bubble shakes on the screen and then moves it on its place.

Gentle: Small size of bubble slips into its right place.

Slam: It stamps down the bubble and does make the whole screen begin to ripple.

Invisible ink: It hides the bubble into an animated blur, but it shows on its way after a single touch.

How to Add Screen Effects on My Messages

There are several screen effects available in iMessage. The notification will be visible even when the screen of your device if locked.

  1. Mention the message and send it.
  2. “Long press” on the “Send” key.
  3. Choose the “Screen” tab from the top side.
  4. Swipe right on the screen to see different screen effects.
  5. Choose one effect and tap on “Send” to deliver the message.

How to Use Replay Button and Screen Effects in iMessage

Replaying the bubble or screen effect is easy. You just have to follow a few steps.

  1. Launch “Messages.”
  2. Open your “Conversation room” where you have to send the messages.
  3. Find the message in which you added effect.
  4. Below the message, you will see the   “Replay” icon.
  5. Press on “Replay” to replay the effect.

How to Use the Messages Effects With the Reduce Motion Turned On

  1. Launch “Settings” on your device.
  2. Move to “Accessibility.”
  3. Press on “Motion.”
  4. Click on “Switch” near to “Auto-play Message Effects” and toggle on to allow the effects of the message for play even when reduced motion is enabled.

These are the features of iMessage in the Message app. The effects on the iMessage are fixed, and they are default effects. You can’t remove them or add more unless Apple releases anything new in these effects.

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