How to Use Emoji And Tapbacks in iMessages

Apple makes it extremely easy to send emoji while through its messaging application. Apple has understood the need for these tiny pictograms in modern-day conversations. You can use Tapbacks to directly react to a message and Apple’s predictive emoji while chatting with friends. Let’s dive straight in to know more about these two features that can spice up your conversations.

Using Emoji

Apple makes use of AI to predict the emoji from the text you’re typing. The QuickType keyboard predicts your texts as well as suggests emoji based on the words. You simply need to start typing a message and then it would show you emoji in suggestions. You can select the desired emoji from the suggestions. You also have the option to emojify messages. To do so, you should long-press the text so that it gets highlighted. Then tap on each word to convert it into an emoji. Tapping the orange highlighted words would display emojis corresponding to that word. You can redo the process multiple times to turn the whole text message into emoji. Apple has simplified the process of sending emoji to your friends. The predictive AI is smart enough to display accurate predictions, and this helps in providing an overall better chatting experience.

Using Tapbacks

Emoji are used in conversations, but they can also be used for reacting to messages. Apple calls these reactions as Tapbacks. This feature is similar to what we see in Facebook and Slack. You need to long tap on a message that you received, and then you’ll get the option to choose from a list of Tapbacks. There’s no specified meaning behind each of these Tapbacks; it depends on the interpretation of the receiver. The heart generally means love while the thumbs up and thumbs down resemble liking and disliking. You can also tap on a Tapback after it is sent for changing or deleting your reaction. Tapbacks add another level of interaction and engagement to the iMessages. You can immediately show your response to something that is being told to you by using these Tapbacks.

Apple has brought in these features in an effort to make its messaging app more interactive and engaging to the users. Reactions and expressions in the form of these emoji have become the new cool of social media and an essential part of modern-day informal conversations. Ironically, many iPhone users are unaware of this messaging feature. You can use iMessages in an iPhone, Macbook, iPad, and even in iPods.


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