How to Use Find My iPhone for Locating a Lost Phone

If unfortunately, your iPhone gets lost or stolen, then Apple allows you a free tool for gettting it back. Even if you can’t stop it, you can always prevent a thief form receiving your personal data. Just take help of Find My iPhone, it will help you in locating it on the map. Users can take specific actions to get done with the issues.


Take Help of Find My iPhone to Find your Phone

Users need to have “Find My iPhone service” on their gadget before it gets misplaced. Just go to https;// in the browser. You also have one Find My iPhone app that can be installed in other iOS devices for tracking yours. Just go through the below-given steps to recover it.

  1. Just log in to iCloud- Use the same account that was used for setting up Find My iPhone. Most probably this is your Apple ID.
  2. Under the web-based tools, tap on Find iPhone. Now, Find my phone will immediately locate all the enabled devices. When it will start working, you will see onscreen messages.
  3. When you have more than one device, tap All Devices at screen top and choose the device that you have been looking for.
  4. If it searches your device, then Find My iPhone will zoom in on the map. Users may see the location of the equipment with a green dot. Just zoom in or zoom out of the map. When the device is found, you will see a window in the right corner of the browser. It will tell you how much battery is there in your phone.
  5. Tap on Play Sound. This is probably the best available option because sending sound to the device will help efficiently. It can prove to be really helpful when somebody might have stolen your phone and is denying having it.
  6. Just tap on the Lost Mode.
  7. Users can lock the device screen by setting a passcode.
  8. It will restrict the thief from using your device.
  9. You can save your personal data.
  10. You once tapped Lost Mode, type passcode you have to use.
  11. When you previously have a “passcode,’ take help of that code.
  12. Just write down the phone number where that person can reach you, the one with the device.
  13. Users can even write down the displayed message on the screen.

If you have lost all the expectations of getting your phone back, then delete all the data from the device. Just tap the Erase button. Doing this will prevent the thief from accessing your personal data.

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