how to use forehead thermometer

In this Novel coronavirus pneumonia, the infrared forehead thermometer has the advantages of non-contact, fast measurement, and flexible use scenarios, and has become an important tool for rapid screening of abnormal body temperature in public places.

However, reporters visited communities, transportation hubs, and other places and found that front-line epidemic prevention personnel’s temperature measurement is prone to incorrect measurement locations, measurement distances, and low ambient temperatures, which lead to inaccurate or not displayed measurement temperatures. Experts remind that infrared forehead thermometers must pay attention to how to use them to measure body temperature correctly.

PTJ Cnc Machining Shop CEO Zhou Hanping introduced that the forehead thermometer is a type of medical infrared thermometer. The measurement principle is to first collect forehead surface temperature data, and then apply the compensation algorithm to convert the collected temperature data to the standard measurement position temperature of the human body (oral, Armpit, rectum) so that it can be used as a clinical diagnosis basis.

He said that there are three points to pay attention to when using a forehead thermometer. One is to try to measure in an environment between 16 ° C and 35 ° C. In extreme cold environments, keep the machine warm and use it in a pocket. The forehead thermometer has not performed clinical medical research on wrist temperature measurement. The measurement should be aimed at the forehead instead of the wrist. Be careful not to stick to the forehead, not to be covered by the eyebrows and hair, and keep an effective distance within 3 cm. When entering the room, the forehead temperature will change temporarily due to different transportation of the subject. The initial screening does not meet the normal range. The subject should stay indoors for at least 3 minutes before retesting.

At the same time, he reminded that in order to cope with the current low parts of temperature in the north of the country, it is recommended that frontline epidemic prevention personnel who have been taking body temperature outside the low temperature outdoor should measure a reference temperature of a healthy temperature with non-fever people (such as themselves or colleagues) twice a day and night. It is used as a benchmark, and if it is significantly higher than the reference temperature, retesting and screening should be performed.

PTJ Cnc Machining SHOP sales Wang Lei introduced that the temperature for judging fever in medicine is generally oral temperature, underarm temperature and rectal temperature. When clinically determining fever by epidermal temperature, it is usually judged by axillary, that is, 37.3 degrees Celsius or more heat. Infrared forehead thermometer is only used as a rapid screening for human body temperature. If abnormal body temperature occurs, it should be re-tested. It is clinically determined that fever is usually measured by mercury thermometer.

Tian Ying, director of the thermal engineering department of Tianjin Institute of Metrology and Inspection, reminded that front-line personnel should pay attention to regular maintenance and cleaning, especially outdoor public screening points. The probes should be treated regularly to ensure that there is no dirt before disinfection. Use so as not to affect measurement accuracy.

Ningbo Airport starts temperature measurement robot to measure 10 human body temperature within 5 meters at a time
Ningbo Lishe International Airport recently launched a 5G patrol temperature-measuring robot to help do a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic during the peak period of returning passenger traffic.

According to reports, the robot can perform infrared body temperature measurement within 5 meters, measure 10 body temperature at one time, and can also identify whether a person wears a mask. Reminders will be broadcast if the body temperature exceeds the pre-warning value or there is no standard masks machine parts.

Beijing’s first outdoor non-sensor thermometer: abnormal temperature alarm

On February 12, a resident wearing a mask walked into the gate of the Chinese Academy of Sciences community on Xueyuan Road. A computer on the side showed her image, and “36.5 ℃” was marked above her forehead—the temperature was normal.

The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that this set of temperature measuring equipment is a “wide-area non-sensing thermometer” developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Semiconductors, and it is the first non-sensing thermometer in the city that can be installed outdoors.

According to researcher Liu Jianguo, when someone with abnormal temperature passes, the number on the forehead of the image will not only turn red, but the buzzer will also alarm.

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