How to Use Google Assistant for Travelling

Whenever someone talks about Google Assistant, the thing that comes to our mind is Google Home smart speaker, which is a powerhouse of artificial intelligence. But why everyone forgets that it is also installed in your smartphones. With the Google Assistant on your smartphone, you can do really do some fantastic things while on the move.

It also helps you in planning your trips without much hassle. If you are using an Apple phone, then you have to download it from the App Store manually.

Whether you are just traveling to your workplace or planning your holidays, it helps you to plan everything on your voice commands. Let’s get started.

How to Access Google Maps with Google Assistant?

If you go to your work with your personal car, then using Google Assistant along with Google Maps is the best thing to do.

In order to use Assistant with your Google Maps first, you need to set up your home address on your Google Maps. So that you can use your Google Assistant to start navigation to your home from your work. You can also set up your work location on the G Maps, which will enable you to say, “Okay Google, get me to work.”

Once your work and the home location is set up in the Google Map, you are ready to say, “Okay Google, get me home.”

You can also ask for traffic updates and details about road closures and diversions. These updates are extremely helpful since it saves your time and fuel while on a trip.

How to Book flight and Air Tickets with Google Assistant

From now on, you can leave the legwork on your Google Assistant while booking your flights and staying places. It is straightforward to book a hotel or flight via Google Assistant.

If you want to book a hotel, then you should say something like, “Hey Google, book one room at (the hotel name) in (location for booking)” or like “reserve one room at (hotel name) in (location) for 28 November to 30 November.”

You can also do research about flight tickets via Google Assistant. Just say “Hey Google, how much are flights to Belgium” or “show me flights to Berlin.”

If you live in the United States of America, then you can also check the status of your flights like whether your flight was delayed or not. Keep in mind that this feature only works in the USA and only for domestic flights not for international flights.

After reaching your destination, you can ask from your Google Assistant for “things to do in Switzerland” or “best street foods in Switzerland.”

How to Use Google Assistant to Speak in Foreign Language?

If you are going somewhere abroad, then you can translate something that you want to say using Google Assistant. Simply ask, “What’s the Deutsch word for ‘Thank You’?” and you will get the right answer “Dankeschön” quickly.

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