How to use Hernia Belt?

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Always make sure that your intestines are completely inside before putting on a hernia belt. If the intestine is not going in, then do not put on the belt. it can be dangerous. Tighten the belt by inserting the intestines inside.


When to put on a hernia belt?

In most cases, a hernia belt is only worn during the day. There is no need to wear it while sleeping. Your hernia doesn’t come out much when you’re sleeping. The abdominal pressure naturally decreases while sleeping.

But during the days you must wear the belt at all times. If you do not wear it frequently, the size of the hernia will keep on increasing, and you will have to go for surgery.

In some cases, the doctor may recommend wearing the belt even at night. The most common cause is nighttime cough. Due to coughing, the pressure in the stomach increases, and the intestines come out.


Is a hernia belt a permanent cure?

Hernia belt can save you from surgery only for some time but the permanent cure is surgery so surgery should be done as soon as time passes because hernia gets bigger and the risk of complications increases.

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