How to use HomePod as a HomeKit Alarm?

HomePod is a high-tech smart speaker introduced by Apple Inc. It is designed to work on Apple Music subscription. It is widely appreciated for its brilliant sound quality and design compared to other speakers of the same range. HomePod accepts HomeKit Siri’s voice commands to perform various operations. In case you wish to upgrade things, then you may easily do it via the HomeKit framework.  By using the same, you can easily pave a way to configure several accessories for controlling them. One can perform group actions together and trigger them with the help of Siri Artificial Intelligence.

You can get a new HomePod experience by using your HomePod speaker as a HomeKit alarm. It may sound intimidating, but the complete process to set-up HomePod as HomeKit Alarm is quite easy.

How to use HomePod as a HomeKit Alarm?

Using HomePod as HomeKit Alarm

  • First of all, open the Home app on your Apple device.
  • Then, tap the Automation option located at the lowermost menu bar.
  • Now, hit the “add” tab. It resembles a plus sign icon.
  • After that, you need to select the option “A Sensor Detects Something.”
  • Next, hit the Accessory option that you wish to use as your trigger for the HomePod.
  • Then, press the Next button there.
  • Press the relevant option like Opens or Motion Detected for the particular accessory.
  • After that, hit the Next tab.
  • Choose your HomePod and then press the Next option.
  • Now, hit the Play Audio option there.
  • Tap the option “Choose Audio.”
  • Next, you need to type the respective album’s name into the search bar for the desired sound.
  • Hit the desired sound’s album name.
  • For instance: album Alarms: Sound Effects,
  • Sounds Alarms, Car – Auto Alarm Sounding Alarm or Alarm, Burglar – Burglar Alarm Going  Off.
  • Hit the plus icon located just after the sound that you wish to use.
  • Toggle the Repeat option.
  • Hit the tab “Set Custom Volume” and then set accordingly.
  • Press the Back option.
  • Click the Turn Off button and then set the wished alarm sound duration.
  • Then, tap the Done option.
  • Wait for the HomePod to get ready for your alarm.

Now, the HomePod is perfectly set to activate the assigned alarm sound once the motion event occurs or when the HomeKit door or window sensor launches. In case you wish to disable your alarm, you need to tell and inform Siri AI on your HomePod to stop.

SOURCE:- How to use HomePod as a HomeKit Alarm?

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