How To Use Instagram Reel

In this complete guide, you will learn how to use Instagram Reels, the latest Instagram feature of the app. This allows you to record, edit, and post multi-clip videos of up to 60 seconds using sounds, filters, and effects.

Let’s take a closer look at the following topics:

What is an Instagram roller?

As mentioned above, you can use Lille to post a 60-second video containing multiple clips to Instagram. If you think these sounds pretty familiar, that’s why. This is very similar to TikTok, the most downloaded app on the Apple Store. As you can see in the figure below, the video continues the artwork.

I don’t know TikTok (really?), that’s fine. Check out our beginner’s guide on how to create TikTok marketing strategy or jump to the current topic to watch this Instagram reels to audio demo video by Stephanie Kase.

Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, had been planning to challenge TikTok for some time. The first launch of an app called Lasso took just 20 months to launch in late 2018, and the timing of Instagram Reels’ launch is nothing short of strategic. TikTok’s future in the United States came into question on July 31, 2020 due to privacy concerns. By August 5, 2020, Instagram Reels will be available in more than 50 countries, including the United States and Canada. Well done Reelstomp3. well done.

Reelstomp3, co-founder of Useful PDF, said: It happened on Snapchat and now on TikTok. It will be interesting to see how people adapt to this new paradigm. For now, it’s a good idea to insure your bet and use both channels at the same time. ”

What is the difference between Instagram Rolls and Tik Tok?

Lille is considered by many to be a clone of TikTok, but there are some important differences.

Instagram reels to audio are broadcast live on Instagram and Facebook. This may seem very obvious, but it is an important fact to consider. Both apps show the wheel, so you can get more range than just one.

Time Limit TikTok currently has a maximum video length of 3 minutes, but Instagram Reels can only use 60 seconds of video clips.

It’s about algorithms. TikTok is known for having great algorithms. It really pays attention to the videos you watch and interact with and shows more videos with the same kind of topic. This is great for reaching new Instagram audiences that you can’t always reach. click here

There are a few more differences in this video between the two platforms that Lemon light covers.

Tip: Did you know you can use a social media calendar like Reelstomp3 to create and schedule Instagram posts for multiple managed brands? You can also take advantage of the following features:

Post Collaboration: Get real-time in-app feedback from your team or clients.

Post Approval – Scheduled Instagram posts will only go live after the content has been approved by the required stakeholders.

Reports – Automatically generate easy-to-understand, visual reports that can be shared with clients

Instagram Grid Preview – You can see exactly how your posts will look in your clients grid, and you can also drag and drop posts to reorder them.

Why should you use Instagram Roller for your business?

According to Instagram, reels to audio allow you to “share with and discover your followers in Discover’s huge and diverse Instagram community. As one of the fastest growing social media platforms, Instagram has over a billion monthly active users worldwide.

If you or your clients already have an IG audience, you don’t need to create a new audience from scratch on another platform.

Reels’ Instagram features and algorithms still aren’t as powerful as its rivals, but the app has a track record of coordinating updates to beat its competitors.

Consider Snapchat: Since Instagram launched the story feature in 2016, it has taken eight months for Instagram stories to surpass the number of Snapchat users per day, according to CNN.

You will see a swarm of Tik Tokers swarming Instagram reels in the coming weeks due to Trump’s looming threat to parent company Tik Tok.

If you are overwhelmed by the role of Instagram after launching TikTok, don’t worry.

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