How to Use LinkedIn for Home Business Marketing

LinkedIn is one of the most successful social networking sites for professionals. The platform is used by anybody who seeks to advance their own professional life, hire someone for their company, or promote their business. But unlike other social media like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. people have not yet understood the full potential LinkedIn has to offer to boost your business.

For businesses that are run from home the capital in hand is limited, and hence you need as many benefits within that budget. In situations like that, free marketing tools like LinkedIn come handy.

  • Get started

Unlike other social media platforms, where your workout routine and favorite restaurant is of substance, Linkedin focuses on businesses and their development. As a business owner, it’s a safe space to discuss ideas and opportunities to build a clientele and accumulate referrals for possible clients. Ensure that your LinkedIn account focuses on what your business is. The home page should have all the details of the product or services that your company offers and what helps you stand out from other competitors.

  • Approaching a passive market

It takes a little while to build up a customer and client base on any platform, be it online or offline. Constant updates and activity are ideal for making the profile look genuine. The details of the company, including the contact details, availability, charges, etc., should be openly displayed so that in case your profile attracts a future client, they should be aware of everything they might need for their business. Apart from that, search hashtags and people with a bio that falls within your business’ purview. Send invites and solicitation messages to pull in any business they might have to offer.

  • References

Try to multiply your customers via the initial customers itself. Try to get referrals and testimonials from the customers already linked with you to establish further credibility. Recommendations regarding your professionalism, work ethic, product quality, services, issue resolution, etc. from a past customer will encourage new people to do business with you.

  • Groups

LinkedIn has groups that include people of shared interests and goals. Try to find groups that relate to home businesses and participate in discussions. Pay attention to everyone’s experience and knowledge because it may come in handy to you as well.

  • LinkedIn advertising

Though the platform is mostly free, it also has an unlocked section if you purchase LinkedIn membership. It is relatively cheap and helps you reach possible clients with increased ease. The membership lets you send messages to the people who are not connected with you yet, lets your profile be visible on a priority basis and lets you see who viewed your profile.

  • Stay on the radar

Don’t assume that just because you have created a good network, your marketing job is done. It is always necessary to keep active to keep the confidence of your connections. Keep them updated on all the new changes or ventures that occur in the business (ensure that you update and not spam people as that can be very off-putting)

  • Post high quality content

Ensure that all the content that you post and share is of good quality, proper relevance, correct grammar, optimally targeted, and not controversial or offensive in any way.

  • Make it a number game

Make LinkedIn marketing a number game. Set a target of approaching, for example, 100 executives at the C level in an organization. Out of those, expect 5-10 people to respond positively. Do it on a very regular basis, and you will see your network becoming more elite and resourceful, which will be a help in the long run.

  • Claim your custom URL

Everybody, especially the businesses, should claim their URL. It is especially necessary if your business is in constant connection with potential clients. If people search your business on Google, it will be an issue if they end up on someone else’s business instead of yours. You might lose a well-established client. A claimed URL link will let your page be the top search.

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