How to Use Lyft to Get a Ride

If you download Lyft from the App store, you can enjoy low fare rides. Book a ride by pressing the book button, and the driver shall pick you up from your current location and drop you to the destination you want.


Sign Up for Lyft

  • Install the Lyft application on Android or iOS device.

You can download this application from the Google Play Store in Android and App store in the iOS device. Windows phones also support Lyft.

  • You can go to its official site to log in there. In case you have an account on Lyft, then you can directly enter your number and password. But if you don’t have any account on Lyft, then you have to create an account by entering the required details.
  • In case you want to check in which city Lyft is available, then you have to open its city page. You can press on the city name to see more information about their route or drivers.
  • Click the “Login” Option.

This will open a page of creating an account.

  • Connect with your Facebook or make an account with the email ID.

In case you have a Facebook account, you can press the “Facebook Connect” option to link that account with the Facebook account. In case you have the application of Facebook already in your phone, then it automatically signs up in Lyft. In case you don’t have an app, then the Facebook site page gets open on your screen.

  • In case you don’t want to connect that account with your Facebook, then write all the necessary details in the given section.
  • Type the mobile number.

In case you are using Lyft application to create an account, then the mobile number will be shown up to your screen. In case you don’t want to use the same mobile number then you can change it later. The mobile numbers will your active number where you will receive a verification code of your Lyft account. In case you are using the official site, you have to type the mobile number.

  • Ensure the mobile number is your daily use number because a verification code will send to that number.
  • You have to agree on the terms and conditions of the Lyft policy.
  • Type the verification code.

You will get an option to write the 4 digit verification number on the given column which you received on the mobile number. In case the number is same that you had entered in Lyft accounts then it automatically type that verification code. After entering the code, you can use the Lyft account.

Saving a Payment Method

  • Go to the Lyft application.

In case the application is not open your phone, then first you have to open the Lyft application. In case you login in the official website, you have to install the application by opening the Google Play Store or App Store.

  • If you have an old account on Lyft, then you can use the promo code which is given on the suggestions list. This will help you to enjoy low fare rides.
  • Click the Menu option.

It resembled the three lines and located on the left side of the screen.

  • Choose “Payment” option.

You will get many options on your screen which include Credit or

Debit card, gift card, and cash.

  • Click on the payment method to save it. You will get different options of payment depends on the gadget. Press on the one payment method to save it. You can save many payment methods to the one account.

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