How To Use Message Effects With iMessages On iPhone?

Use different types of iMessages effects for making your chats attractive!

Are you bored sending the usual simple messages on your iPhone to your friends? If yes, then go for the message effects that comprise not just animations but also filters, handwritten words and plenty of other options of effects.


1.    The below-mentioned effects shall only be present if you have iMessages on your iPhone.

2.    The effects are applicable for iOS 10 users and the latest one. And some of them need iOS 12.

The best ways of using message effects with iMessage on iPhone

The method of adding expressions to message chat

  1. Firstly, go to your chat.
  2. Then, double click on a message, picture or a video in this chat itself.
  3. After that, an onscreen toolbar shall get displayed. It will have many Tapback expressions comprising thumbs gestures. The other options shall be for expressing love and happiness etc. As soon as you choose any one of them, it shall get displayed to that message immediately.

The method of putting Camera effects on the messages

Remember! The Camera effects are present for iOS 12 or the latest one.

  1. Firstly, go to your chat.
  2. Then, click on the symbol of the Camera. It will be towards the left side of the iMessage content area.
  3. Notice that the iPhone camera interface shall get displayed. Select PHOTO, VIDEO or other capture types given.
  4. After that, click on the Start option. It shall be towards the below at the left.
  5. Next, a toolbar comprising many options shall get displayed, immediately below the photo/video capture window. In this toolbar itself, you shall get  effects that are mentioned below:
  6. Animoji
  7. Filters
  8. Text
  9. Shapes.
  10. Observe that different application that allows iMessages shall be put over here.
  11. An Animoji option having the symbol of monkey supports selecting from plenty of animated symbols. The way you move or speak, in the same way, does your Animoji. And all this shall be sent as part of a stationary picture or video by iMessage.

Remember! Animoji and Memojis are present for the users of iPhone X or newer versions.

  • Note that the Filters options comprise three colored circles, i.e. Green, Red, and Blue. This is put before the picture is sent.
  • The Text (Aa) is an excellent effect. This effect is used for adding words, numbers and also special characters to the image before sending it to anyone on iMessage.

The Shapes option offers the ability for putting animated arrows, tick marks and other stuff to your images and videos.

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