How to Use Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is trending nowadays and is used to create a professional publication or document like newsletters, flyers, brochures, invitational letter, journal pads, leaflets, and so on. Microsoft Publisher is an application used mainly in offices and businesses.

Microsoft Publisher consists of many built-in templates to use. If you tap on any of these pre-installed template frames, you can add text, images, logos, icons, pre-animated texts, etc. before saving it.

Using MS Publisher By Choosing A Template

  1. Click on the MS Publisher to open it. You will see that a Catalog screen will appear consisting of a pre-designed template and a series of various publication forms and varieties. You can use these publications variants and templates to make your document highly attractive and rich looking with the help of many templates like brochures, leaflets, newsletters, flyers, postcards, greeting cards, signs, advertisement banners, journal page, etc.
  2. You can choose any of the publication types available at the left panel, and its related templates will appear at the right-hand portion pane of your window.
  3. Now you have to select any of the pre-framed templates from the available options as the publication category. For example, if you have chosen a template ” Newsletter” as your publication type and desire to target children. You may use kids related framed template like “Kid stuff newsletter” to make your document eye-catching.
  4. Choose the desired template and then tap on the “Start Wizard” option situated at the lowermost right-hand side edge of the Catalog screen.

Framing Your Desired Document

  1. Go to the Publisher wizard and then tap on the “Next” button located at the left panel of your window. This wizard works as a guide providing tips and direction to edit or frame your document as a whole.
  2. You should follow the instructions and the recommended steps provided by the wizard to create your document. The tips and directions of the wizard may differ from one document to another based on the layout and the actions of the related publication type. For instance, if you are going to create a newsletter. In this case, the wizard may ask to choose some formatting options like the color scheme and your consent whether you wish to put the receiver’s address in it or not.
  3. Press on the “Finish” button. You may now add other images and characters into your.
  4. Now tap on your desired segment where you wish to add content like images or text.

Adding Extra Frames To Your Document

  1. Tap on the “Insert” tab and then choose “Draw Text Box.”
  2. Keep the cursor to the position where you wish your frame to begin.
  3. Now hold the left mouse button and drag the frame.
  4. Tap on the text field to begin typing.

To Insert An Image

  1. Place your pointer arrow where you wish to put the image in your document.
  2. Inside the Illustrations group, click on the “insert” option and choose “Picture”. You will see that a dialog box saying “Insert Picture” will open. Now select your desired image to insert it.
  3. Click the “Insert” tab to add a picture to your desired document.

To Crop an Image

  1. Tap on the image inside the document that you want to crop. A cropping outline outside your picture will display on your screen.
  2. Press on the “Format” tab. Then choose “Crop” located inside the Picture Tools.
  3. Using the mouse, crop the image.

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