How to Use PDF Viewer in MS Edge Chromium

Are you thinking of opening a PDF on Microsoft Edge? If yes, then do not worry, read on and find out how you can do so. Recently Microsoft added a new feature to highlight text in your PDF document by hitting the Esc button from the keyboard. You can also use a red PDF highlighter for your document.

MS Edge browser holds the latest PDF Reader, and this application supports PDF files for several years. To launch the PDF file on MS Edge, you should pick up the document via the mouse pointer and then drop it into the MS Edge window. In case the PDF document is online, then launch the PDF document link to expand the File on your device. MS Edge is the most preferred program that is able to perform various tasks easily, and it is getting better every new day.

Pursue these guidelines to know how to launch PDF file with the comfort of your Edge browser:

Launching PDF Document

To open the PDF file on your device screen running with the Microsoft Edge browser, follow these steps:

Firstly, grab and hold the file with your mouse. Now drag it to the Edge window and drop the respective File into the provided window. In case the File is online, then launch the PDF link to open the PDF data.

Navigating into PDF Document in MS Edge

You can scroll the PDF page through your mouse scroller, arrow tabs, Page Up, and Page Down buttons.

In case you have launched a PDF file having various table contents, then visit the uppermost left-hand side edge and then see the menu icon there.  Once you hit on it, all the File related data will expand at the left-hand side section.

Now, you can navigate to the section of your choice. If you don’t have content in the table, then you still can jump to the respective page by entering the desired page number. Then, hit the Enter key to proceed. It will appear at the topmost left-hand side section.

Exploring View Options

To open the PDF file as per your wish, then MS Edge provides various options that are four in number by which you can view the PDF file with several appearance effects. You can maximize or minimize the document by hitting the respective “+” and “-“signed arrow tabs. In order to rotate the document, there is a circling tab, and once you hit on it, the document will automatically rotate clockwise or anticlockwise as per your choice. You have to hit the respective option there. The last option allows you to fit your document to the window size, and if you hit again, then the document will get minimized.

Drawing in the PDF File

MS Edge provides various PDF customization effects, and there is a drawing tool also. The two tabs make you create some fun, and these play a great role in drawing your imagination. You can draw and erase various tabs.

Once you hit or tap the Draw buttons, you can create various notes or make your creation directly into the PDF file. The draw tab allows you to draw anything of your choice, and erase you to remove the already created things. It doesn’t act as a paint erase tool. It will delete the whole line or your creation file.

Saving and Printing a PDF Document

MS Edge provides the latest PDF reader tool for its users, and one can use various options related to printing and saving the PDF file. The last tabs are for saving or printing your document. The process works very smoothly on PDF files. Once you tapped the printer tab, then it will show up the print dialog box for printing. Also, you will get the diskette for saving the File. The last tab is for unpinning the command bar and thus increases the readability of your document.

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