How to use swab test for covid 19?

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Governments around the world have approved using the PCR and other swab tests to track and contain the spread of the covid 19 pandemic. Most of these tests are used to get a quick and accurate testing done on patients by taking swabs of their body fluids. Generally, the testing is done with either a nasal swab or a throat swab which can help analyze their saliva. Self testing kits are also available and are greatly encouraged for public use because these can reduce the work load in medical facilities also.

However, it is important to learn how you should use a self swab test kit in order to get accurate results. This small article will outline some of the basics in this context. When you are conducting a diagnostic testing, you must try to use the nasal swab kit because these are more accurate than the throat swab kits. The specimen needs to get collected quickly after the PUI is identified. If you have ever done a flu test then doing a covid 19 swab test will be easy because it is the same process. Some of the essential steps that you need to follow when you are doing a nasal swab test are as follows:

Wash your hands and wear a PPE kit to avoid spread of contamination.

Remove the sterile swab from the test package.

Tilt your patient’s head backwards and straighten the nasal passage.

Insert the swab back inside horizontally inside the nose till you find resistance.

Rotate the swab for up to 6 times and then hold it in the same place for about 5 to 10 seconds and then collect the sample.

Keep the swab inside the viral transport medium and then break off the handle where it is indicated.

Finally cap the medium tightly, label it with all the essential patient information and then deliver it to the lab to have the test analyzed.

If you were wondering how to use swab kit for covid 19 test then this article will have given you a fair idea about the process.

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