How to use the solar panels system?

How does the solar panels system work?

The solar panels system is composed of silicon atoms. The atoms can be imagined as building blocks of Le High School, such as bricks of real estate. However, the atomic size is very small, and special tools are needed to see them. The solar panel comes from the silicon layer, which is similar in size to the dinner plate, but only about three times the thickness of ordinary hair.

To turn the silicon crystal layer into a solar panel requires a special manufacturing process. The silicon crystal layer is heated to 1000, and then the metal sheet is placed on the back of the layer. At the same time, the solar cell is covered with a metal mesh with holes, which faces the sun. After the 60 solar panels are manufactured, they are fixed on the glass. Generally speaking, there are 10-50 solar panels on the roof, Countryside solar power stations have millions of solar panels.

Each silicon atom contains electrons of very small size and very light weight. These electrons have weak charges. When the sun falls on the solar panel, it will touch one of the electrons and break away from the electronic orbit. These hit electrons can work freely, but due to the special structure of the battery, the electrons can only move in the direction towards the sun. So when the sunlight falls on many electrons, they will leave their orbits and become free electrons. The electrons can only move upward to generate current that can drive the household electrical products.

The stronger the sunlight falling on the solar panel, more electrons will be knocked off the orbit, and the greater the current will be generated. If the weather is not clear, the number of electrons collided will be reduced, and the current generated will be reduced by more than 75%. At night, the solar panel does not generate any electricity, and the power supply at that time depends entirely on batteries and other power supplies.

How to use the solar panels system?

The solar panel is a cheap way to generate electricity, which is cheaper than new thermal power plants and nuclear power plants. Therefore, the installation rate is 5 times that of coal power and 20 times that of atomic power. In Australia, basically new power stations are solar power stations or wind power stations. Electric vehicles powered by solar energy and wind energy can be used to replace polluted gasoline vehicles. Like wind power, solar power can replace traditional coal and natural gas heating methods for heating and cooling houses. The use of solar energy and wind energy can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions that damage the earth. The cost of solar energy and wind energy is lower than other energy sources. If more wind energy or solar energy is used, in addition to coal, oil and natural gas, silicon atoms are the second largest in the world. In fact, most of the sand and stones are composed of silicon and oxygen.

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