How to Use WhatsApp Latest Search Feature

WhatsApp is popular for its accessible features and an absolutely simple user interface. In terms of messaging applications, WhatsApp is globally at the top with over 2 billion users worldwide that use WhatsApp as their first messaging platform.

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Now, if you are using WhatsApp for a long time, then you must see that many things in WhatsApp has been changed and several new features are released too. To keep the application secure, reliable, and smooth, developers have to keep updating the app, and it aids the users also. Recently WhatsApp also added dark mode just like other applications. The impressive thing is that most of the users now prefer to use dark mode rather than use the default color theme on WhatsApp.

Every feature has its advantage, and to take benefit of new features, you just need to keep your application updated. After dark mode, WhatsApp came back with a new superior feature, which is “Advance Search.”

WhatsApp already had search function in the application, and it was quite well in using so what’s up with the new advance search. Most of the users were wondering about it, but only thing they don’t know is that in the new feature, they can even find the document, audio, link, photos, videos too. Let’s check out how this new advance feature works.

How to Apply “Advance Search” Feature on WhatsApp

One thing to keep in mind before using the feature is that your WhatsApp application is to update the app to the latest version. Here is the order that you need to follow:

  1. Launch the latest version of WhatsApp.
  2. Slide down to see the search bar.

After you slide down, you will able to see several options regarding the file you are willing to search. There you need to choose what kind of file you are looking for and then type the name of the file.

  • After typing the name of the file, you will see the file and its exact location on your device.

You can search for any file through this feature and process. If there is a file available in your WhatsApp, then you will definitely get the result of your “Advance Search.” The great thing about this new feature is that it does not only show the chat details of what you also type the file too that available. For many several who use WhatsApp, it will be a valuable feature, although that’s what WhatsApp is doing since the time of launching.

It’s a new feature that is why people barely know about it, but after habitual of this feature, it might save time too. If you are looking for using it, you can download it in your Android or iOS device, and it is available in both.

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