How to Utilize Your Wi-Fi Router’s Parental Control?

Wi-Fi as a home internet connection had never played a huge role in our lives. But, as the world went into social distancing, everyone started relying on their home internet connections. It brings you closer to your favorite streams, but it brings a lot of threats as well, especially for kids. However, parents can use their router’s parental control settings to protect their kids from inappropriate videos, contents, and online identity threats. Kids are technologically smart these days, but intelligent enough to protect their online activity from malware, hackers, etc. That’s when the parental control extends its support from only limiting the screen time of your kids.

But before you get into tweaking the settings, you need to set-up and customize your Wi-Fi router. If you are using the latest Wi-Fi router, you will be able to connect to your router and change the settings directly from its companion app. Apps will allow you to make surface-level changes. But if you want to go deeper into the details and settings procedure of your Wi-Fi connection, then connect your router with your laptop or computer. For starters, open a web browser and punch in the IP address of your network. If you don’t know the IP address, type “” which is the most common IP address for most of the routers. But the most convenient method will be to give a right-click on the internet icon and there you’ll find all the details surfing on your screen.

Mac users can click on the Wi-Fi symbol on their PC. From there, scroll down the page and click on Open Network Preferences. Type your IP address and fill in all the details for making changes. For filling in the credentials, look at your router for the printed information. If it doesn’t have any details, then go through the router’s manual or manufacturing web page. If you had made changes to the credentials, earlier, punch in those details and log in to reach the settings. Now you are ready to make changes and add extra security to the internet connection. Here are some of the things you can do:

Restrict internet use

If your kids don’t go to bed at an appropriate time because of their internet consumption, they try this setting. Using this, you will be able to restrict or schedule a specific time limit of internet use on your kid’s device. Firstly, open your Mac and locate the MAC address under the Local Network menu. The Local Network menu will show you all the connected devices, their IP address, and a string of six pairs of numbers and letters. From there, copy the MAC address for your child’s device. Go to the Access Restriction menu for making changes on your kid’s device and internet usage by pasting the MAC address you copied earlier. Now, you can make all the necessary changes.

Block unusual internet behavior

If your child tries to trespass the parental control, you can set up the VPN Passthrough or individual control on your router. If your router has these in-built properties, it will get easier for you to set restrictions, block cookies, and proxies. Even if your child configures the browser on their device, the main control will remain in your hands as the router – the internet provider is under your control. And, making changes on the device will not interrupt the settings you made to the router. If your router has a custom app, you can effortlessly add filters and layers of security on it.

Pause the internet connection

If you want to add restrictions for a short amount of time, you may consider pausing the internet connection for a while. Again, the companion app of the router saves the day. It will help you pause and resume the internet connection on all or some devices of your choice. Google’s second-generation Nest users have it easy as they can command the Google Assistant to stop the internet connection for a while, by saying “Ok Google, pause the kid’s Wi-Fi.”

Incorporating these methods will help you detach your kid’s attention from the internet. If your Wi-Fi doesn’t have parental controls, you can invest in some plugin modules like Circle with Disney, Router Limits, NETGEAR, etc. These plugins will allow you to add quite a few restrictions. To learn about security guidelines and tips to keep your kids protected, look at Family Online Safety Institute,, or any other trusted organization.

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