How to View a Cached Website on Google

In this article, you will learn how to view a cached webpage or website on the Google search engine. Is the site you are trying to access down due to a technical issue? Are you unable to view a webpage due to an error? If yes, then you can still see the page or website you are trying to browse. If a page or site is temporary down, the old page data is still cached on Google ‘s server, and you can still access it. Let’s know how the process goes and get started.

Google Search

Google search allows you to view the most recent version of a website. This option is not available for all sites. But it still provides you the opportunity to view most websites. To see how it works, follow the tutorial given below.

  1. Search by the name of a website and don’t put the URL instead. For instance: If you want to see a cached version of Wiki-How then type Wiki-How on Google search bar.
  2. Then you will see a small down-arrow on the end of the URL address of the site.
  3. Click on the ‘down-arrow’ and then select “Cached.”
  4. Now the cached version of the website will open, and you won’t see any error such as caused by a down server.

Chrome Address Bar

Chrome browser allows you to access the cached version of a website uniquely.

  1. On your URL bar, enter “Cache:(website URL without space).” (
  2. Press the Enter key after entering the above command.
  3. Now your Chrome browser will bring a cached version of the site.

Wayback Machine

There are several websites that store cached versions of all websites and WebPages. These websites store internet history and archives in their server. By accessing these websites, you can see a previous version of a website. One such website that stores cached sites is the Wayback Machine. It allows one to access the history of the websites.

  1. To see a cached website: go to and then enter the website address in the search box.
  2. Press enter to view the history of the site.
  3. There you will see different archives of the site. You can see any cached version according to the time.

Browser Extensions

Many extensions are made to view the cached version of sites. One of such extensions is ‘Web Cache Viewer,’ and it can help you to access cached pages without any hassle. It allows you to view archives of Google or Wayback Machine.

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