How to wash the cleaning cloths like rags?

In many homes, cloths or rags are usually used to clean the house, especially in the kitchen. Being made of cloth, these elements can be reused if they are left unpolluted and perfect for reuse.


However, being very punished objects – well let’s not forget that they collect all the dirt. It is usually somewhat difficult to remove all their stains.


In New York Laundry, we bring you the solution. In the following article, we give you some tricks on how to wash the cleaning cloths. Follow these tips and leave your rags free of dirt so they can leave your house completely clean again.


– First of all, you should know that it is necessary to keep the rags and cleaning cloths in perfect condition. Hygiene is basic and if not cleaned properly, they could accumulate dirt and transport it to other corners of your home. If you want to completely remove their stains and prevent them from becoming embedded forever, wash them often.


– Rags are cleaning items that can be put in the washing machine. A trick: add some vinegar to the cloth before putting it in the appliance. You can also wash the cloth in a bowl with a little water and liquid detergent and you can even put the cloth in the dishwasher. There are a thousand options to leave your cleaning cloth perfect.


– Avoid moisture. Before cleaning your cloth, make sure it is completely dry. This will prevent germs and bacteria from appearing. He thinks that, above all, dishcloths are the ones that are exposed to stains that are more difficult to remove, so it will be necessary to try to keep them clean. Below we explain how to wash them properly.


– Do not mix Avoid making the same washing machine for dirty clothes and other dirty clothes. A trick: before putting them in the washing machine, place them in a bowl of water and a stream of ammonia. Leave the cloths to soak, so you will get the spots to soften before washing the cloth. Be very careful with ammonia, it is a toxic and corrosive chemical.


– After a couple of hours, put a washing machine only with dirty rags. Choose the wash you prefer and remember not to mix them with clothes. When the wash is finished, place them, if possible, outdoors.


If you want to clean it like a new, the best option is to use New York Laundry.

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