How to Watch Facebook Live on Roku || How to resolve Roku Issue

What is roku?

Roku is a multipurpose device known as a streaming device. Lots of online content from different countries are available here. It is a monthly paid service. Subscriber should recharge to continue this service every month or yearly. Online content like youtube netflix, hotstar+disney, crunchyroll can stream using roku devices. 

In common words people who are familiar with streaming video or online streaming content may see the dish set top box. Like airtel, videocon, sky are providers for offline channel work same as roku and other streaming device work.these all charges monthly fee for services. If we don’t pay simply they cut the connection for their services.


Method for streaming facebook live on roku

Facebook live is not directly available on roku devices. It can stream with mobile devices. We have to use screen mirroring(iphone devices)/screencast(android devices) tricks for facebook live. 

It is also necessary that both devices should be connected with the same wifi network. We are streaming online content so high speed network connection is required.

Note:in mobile devices, open the video you want to stream and play that video. Both the device mobile and roku should be connected with the same wifi network.


Screencast with android phone: if you are an android user then screencast option is available for most its devices. Here are some steps have to follow to connect with roku:


Open the roku settings.

Check for available devices for screen mirroring.(you already open the screencast option in mobile for pairing with roku devices.)

Connect with your screencast android device.


Screen Mirroring with IOS devices: iPhone users can also screen mirroring with their phone. Mirroring on an iPhone is possible only with the Apple AirPlay. This is an app that works as a connector between devices. It could be secure by using the password. Airplay also connects the device once or always for your permission.  Here are some steps to connect with an iPhone mobile.

Open the control center on the iPhone.

Tap on screen mirroring options there.

Check for a Roku streaming device available for screen mirrors.

Connect with your roku.


Facebook live videos

Facebook connects the common with each other and shares information on online social sites. It is a collection of live game streaming, music, movies, stories, funny small videos. People once visit here and share funny moments of their life. This is also a platform for live sport events and animation program sharing destinations.

Other streaming media like netflix and youtube create the original content. This content also gets popularity among the people. 

In a simple way we can distinguish facebook live and other streaming app by the budget of content. While other streaming apps have a big budget program and original content and facebook users have low budget content.


Some similar streaming devices

Roku is a streaming device that streams the online content for smart tv. There are lots of streaming devices and gaming consoles that work similar to roku. Some are mentioning here:





PS3, PS4, PS5 and vita version of PLAYSTATION.

These streaming devices also connect in the same manner as ROKU devices. We are curious about how gaming consoles work like streaming devices. 



Why is facebook not available on roku?

It may be the reason that facebook is a social media site. Its users only post their picture, video, stories and articles since the last update. There was no option for streaming video and live streaming. As streaming technology is getting popular so facebook is also accepting this technology slowly.  

Facebook is also adopting the technology to retain its users.

 Facebook has officially changed its name from “FACEBOOK” to “METAVERSE”. We see “METAVERSE” on the associated apps of “FACEBOOK”.



Facebook live is also similar to netflix and is getting popular among the people. Streaming devices company also working to connect with facebook. In the coming days it is possible that facebook live will be available on every streaming device. Some other devices can be used for streaming facebook live videos. 

ROKU devices only work when internet supply is available. This is also a drawback for rural areas where internet infrastructure is not available.

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