How to Work with Text Formatting in Discord

Discord is quite impressive when it comes to conversations between the gamers. It enables text formatting along with its other features. Have you ever paid attention to the colors or text styles your acquaintances use while chatting? Well, it is all because of text formatting that can be used within the application.

Below we shall discuss more about text formatting in Discord.

Primary Discord Text Formatting

You can use bold, underline, italics, etc, with the text formatting feature of the Discord using ‘Markdown Syntax.’ You can customize the text format any way you like, and send it to your gaming partners.

The formatting options of the Discord come handy with Windows and Mac, and not only this but can be used with Android, iPhone/iPad with the help of mobile apps.

Let’s get to know more about the basic text formatting structure.

Using ‘Bold’ text in Discord

Adding two asterisks in the beginning and the end of the text makes it bold. For example- Typing **Black** will make appear as Black.

Using ‘Italicized’ text in Discord

To add the italics to the text in Discord, add a single asterisk in the beginning and end of the text; thus, it’ll result in italicized text.

For example- *Black* will appear as Black.

Using ‘Underlined’ text in Discord

A text is underlined to make it look more important than the other texts. To underline a text in Discord, add two underscores at the beginning and end of the text.

For example- __Black__ will appear as Black.

Using ‘Strikethrough’ text in Discord

Strikethrough is the line drawn over the text as a mark of deletion or error. To add a strikethrough in a text, insert two tildes at the beginning, and the end of the text will do its job.

For example- ~~Black~~ will appear as Black.

How to combine text formatting options?

Combining the text formatting options like bold, italics, underlined text, is possible in Discord. However, strikethrough can not be combined with any of the above-mentioned formatting options.

For instance- If you want to combine a text with the bold and italics text formatting, you can add three asterisks in total at the beginning and the end of the text. ***Black*** will appear as Black.

On the other hand, if you want to apply all the basic text formats to one text, type it as ***__Black__***, and it’ll appear as Black.

How to add code blocks to Discord messages?

Code Blocks can be a decent method to send messages with no formatting used. As the name proposes, this element is especially helpful in case you’re working together on a task and need to share code bits to different clients on your channel.

They’re additionally helpful on the off chance that you need to send messages that contain components like asterisks or underscores that the application would find some way or another perceived as Markdown formatting.

‘Backticks’ are used to add a code block to your texts. Use three backticks single-lined code blocks, and use three backticks for multiple code blocks.

How to use quote blocks on the web and desktop in Discord messages?

Discord quote blocks can be utilized to cite outside content or prior messages on your channel. These blocks appear over your message to give additional factors to your own.

Greater-than symbols are used to add quote blocks to your text to create single-lined or multi-lined quote blocks. To add a single-lined quote block, add one greater-than sign at the beginning and the end of the text, on the other hand, add three greater-than signs for multiple-lined quote blocks.

SOURCE:- How to Work with Text Formatting in Discord

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