How Toronto Computer Recycling is Done to Scrap an Old Desktop Computer for Metals

Old and non-functioning desktop computers can be easily procured from school auctions, business closings, and even online. These computers contain valuable metals like copper, aluminum and even gold. According to reports, old desktop computers can contain as much as $30 worth of gold in them. Apart from that, different types of metals are found in the computer case, motherboards, hard drives, disk drives, CPUs, PCIs, RAMs, and power supply parts. But you have to separate them first, and this is where a Toronto computer recycling expert enters in. Here we will see how they do that.

Opening the computer case side: Screws fastening the computer case are often located on the backside. They unscrew them with a power drill or screwdriver and open up one side of the case.

Cutting the wires: They use a bolt cutter to cut the wires that are present just after the case is opened. Some of these wires have gold plating ends. They cut these up and keep them aside.

Pulling out the CPU and RAMs: Small plastic tabs are used to secure the RAM on the ends. They gently push these tabs on each end and pull out the RAMs easily. A heat sink covers the CPU. It has a small throw button that has to be UP before it can be opened up. There is also a strap that is there to hold the heat sink to the CPU.

Pulling out the PCIs: Motherboard has PCIs that can be easily ripped out in an instant by giving it a strong and nice pull. If it does not come off that way, there must be some screws to fasten the PCI with the motherboard. PCIs have gold plated fingers which they cut off and sell out separately to earn good cash.

Pulling out the power supply, hard disk, hard drive and motherboard:There must be screws that need to be unscrewed to unfasten the motherboard from the case. There are other screws that are unscrewed to pull out power supply, hard disks, and hard drive as well.

Identifying and separating different metals from the computer parts: Once everything is pulled out, they make separate bunches of each metal component. A big volume of aluminum is present just below the cooling fan. The cooling fan also has copper-bearing motors, and another copper bearing motor is present in the power supply. Gold plated pins are present just below the CPU. Whatever golden things are found, they simply cut and keep them. Usually, they make separate piles for copper, aluminum and gold.

Selling the metals: Once they accumulate and separate all the metals from the old desktop computer, they find time to cash them out by finding a scrap yard near them locality. Motherboards, CPUs, RAMs, PCI, gold fingers and other parts with gold plating can also be sold online. Usually, online buyers pay more for these parts than scrapyards.

Same kinds of metals can be extracted from lead battery recycling Toronto and LCD LED TV disposal Toronto as well. With the right process, tools and equipment, you can also become a recycling expert and make money by selling those precious metals to potential buyers.

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