How Tractor-trailer Accidents Differ From Other Personal Injury Cases

A tractor-trailer’s involvement in an accident raises the stake for any personal injury claim. The reason is that some of the most dangerous automobile accidents, leading to catastrophic damages, results from trucks.

These accidents can lead to complicated legal cases. Therefore, it’s advisable to hire experienced accident injury lawyers in central PA, if you or a loved one is involved in a tractor-trailer accident.

What Makes Tractor-trailer Cases Unique Compared to passenger vehicles, trailer-tractors are enormous, weighing up to 75,000 pounds when fully loaded. They also require a greater stopping distance and have several blind spots. These factors make it difficult for drivers to see other road users and make them susceptible to road accidents.

Some significant differences between tractor-trailer accidents and other car accidents include:

Severity of Injuries Even at low speed, a trailer-tractors collision with other vehicles or pedestrians can be disastrous due to their size. Therefore, victims tend to suffer more fatalities than in other kinds of vehicle accidents.

Some severe injuries include amputation, facial lacerations, head trauma, and life-long damages to other body parts. In the worst cases, it might lead to death. Due to the severity of injuries, the court handles such accidents differently.

Cause of the Accident The general cause of accidents includes equipment failure, and speed, drunk, careless or distracted driving. However, there are other causes of accidents that are unique to trailer-tractors. A court will consider these other factors before appointing fault, and they include:

● Lack of training or experience: There are strict requirements for driving commercial trucks, and trucking companies are responsible for enforcing this standard. However, drivers without experience and training can make mistakes on the road.

● Driver fatigue: Tractor-trailer drivers are at risk of drowsy driving due to extended periods on cross country trips. Fatigue can cause poor judgment and late reaction times on the road.

● Improper loading: When cargoes are overloaded or unsecured, abrupt braking or unloading can scatter them, leading to injuries.

Liable Parties or Defendants It’s easier to determine liability in car accidents. However, trailer-tractor accidents may involve multiple parties, such as:

● The truck driver

● The trucking company

● The company who owns the product the truck is carrying

● The mechanic who serviced the truck

● Manufacturer of the tractor-trailer or its parts

● Other road drivers

Conclusion- Why You Need a Tractor-trailer Accident Injury Lawyer Every kind of accident requires a professional that handles cases in that field. For instance, school bus accident attorneys Lancaster County are experts in handling accidents involving school buses. Likewise, a tractor trailer accident injury attorney has prior experience and can successfully handle tractor-trailer personal injury cases.
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