How Travel Agencies Can Use Animated Explainer Videos?

Travel agencies must concentrate on building and maintaining a relationship based on integrity, trust, quality of service and reliability with their customers. The best way to showcase the attributes of your company and building a bond with the clients is to create animated videos for your business. Communication is the key but it’s time-consuming and the customers have very less time to spend on understanding what your company has to offer. So you have to be quick and effective in delivering the right message to the right audience in the right way! For which explainer videos serve the best.

Travel explainer videos can be super fun and engaging. They are short, crisp, loaded with information, yet exciting. People want to watch these videos and thus reaching out to them becomes easy and effective. The biggest challenge for a travel agency is to build trust with their audience and establish their name as authoritative in the business.

Describe your services

Making your audience believe in what you say, see people having fun and enjoying your services, highlighting the benefits of your special offers and best deals, these are the key points where you should focus on while getting a travel agency explained. Your explainer video should also include other aspects like your unique selling propositions (USPs), where you can talk about why you are the right choice, how are you different from your competitors, and a strong call to action that will quickly get your viewers to become your next loyal customer.

Highlight Your Services

Show your customers how your services can help them and offer something that none of your customers can. This way the audiences will have an additional impulse to make a booking. A lot of travelers are concerned with the facilities in a foreign country; make an FAQ animated video to answer to their frequently asked questions. Tell them how easily they can reserve a room, book a table, book tickets or hire cars. Also mention intricate details regarding refunds, payment options and offers. During email marketing, attach cute animated videos to make it an enjoyable experience for your customers. When your emails contain videos, around 82% people are inclined to opening them.

Friendly and amusing voice

Finding the perfect voice for your business has never been easier. Through the beautifully crafted storyline, appealing voice over and attractive animation, your travel explainer video can significantly increase conversion rate and generate revenue. Customers will understand your vision better and will try to connect with your values and together build a bond.

Creating the perfect explainer video for your travel agency sounds like a lot of hard work and we would be lying if we say it isn’t. But there’s a way out.

Here’s Video Friday featuring a range of travel agency video templates. All you need to do is log on to and register. Then select the video of your choice and fill in some basic information that would help us customize the video for you. Select background music and suitable font and order. That’s it! These videos start from a meager amount of rupees 999 and what’s more? The video will be delivered to you in just 24 hours!

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