How Using An Industrial Oxygen Monitor Can Help Your Lab?

If your laboratory includes experiments that require regulating oxygen levels, then an industrial oxygen monitor may be a useful tool for you. An industrial oxygen monitor is often placed in freezers due to its clean operational nature and low power consumption.

It uses sensors to measure air changes per unit time which can help determine when material refrigeration or drying cycles have been completed. This type of monitor allows you to manage oxygen flow in certain chambers per your requirement to ensure the most favorable conditions for any reaction. Take a look at a few benefits of using Global lab supply oxygen monitors in the laboratory:

  • Reliable Measurement Of Oxygen Levels

The amount of oxygen in a room or any sealed space can be measured with the help of an industrial oxygen monitor. In addition, oxygen monitors are highly reliable and durable since they are constructed using rugged steel frames and other elements that can withstand tough testing conditions. An industrial oxygen monitor is also used to measure how much CO2 is released at various temperatures and pressure ranges.

  • Auto Shut Off Feature

An Industrial Oxygen Monitor has an auto shut-off feature that is an excellent safety mechanism. The auto shut-off feature ensures that oxygen levels can be maintained within the specified limits without damaging the sensor or equipment. It also aids in monitoring carbon monoxide levels in a room as well.

  • Options For Controlling Flow Of Oxygen In A Chamber

The industrial oxygen monitor has options for controlling oxygen flow through a chamber. This helps decrease the risk of low levels impacting your experiments and other processes. As per your requirements, you can adjust how much air is supplied to the system. You can even utilize different combinations of sensors and valves to control how much airflow passes to each chamber.

  • Cryogenics Storage Facilities

You can store materials in freezers at different temperatures with industrial oxygen monitor. The oxygen levels in fresh and frozen food can be easily monitored with the help of an industrial oxygen monitor. These monitors can be used on boats, planes, and other equipment to measure oxygen level changes during various processes. Monitoring the amount of oxygen in your boat tanks can also safeguard the life of your vessels.

  • Keep Track Of Humidity Levels

An industrial oxygen monitor is useful for keeping track of humidity levels and carbon dioxide concentrations within a chamber or freezer. Humidity levels are essential for ensuring the quality and flavor of fresh food. The range will be selected depending on your requirements and what is stored in the chamber.

The industrial oxygen monitor ensures that the storage conditions are comfortable for all types of food under any temperature or humidity conditions. These monitors are effective, durable, and have an excellent performance record in harsh conditions.

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