How VoIP Changed the Telecom Sector


The telecommunication industry witnessed several technology transformations during the pandemic. As a remote work culture swept the globe, VoIP business solutions became a sought-after communication solution by organizations.

Internet-powered communications solutions offered by VoIP solutions provider are emerging as the buzzword in the telecommunication sector, as UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) gains traction among corporations. VoIP is now the established, new communication standard, and with the mass availability of high-quality fiber broadband, and the cloud, businesses are increasingly shifting their processes to VoIP development company and cloud-powered collaboration and communication solutions.

In recent years, VoIP-powered phone systems have become popular as a solution that addresses the flexibility and accessibility needs of a modern workforce. Telecom giants like AT&T and Verizon have made mergers and acquisitions aimed at acquiring new technologies like online streaming and offering VoIP services.

The future of the telecom industry is moving towards automation, and VoIP is emerging as the dominant technology. How has VoIP changed the dynamics of the telecom industry? Let’s get a closer look.

  • VoIP has empowered the telecom industry to cater to a remote workforce.

The global workforce is no longer desk-bound and this has changed their telecom requirements. They need advanced softphones and other communication tools to boost productivity and enable collaboration on the go.

Communication channels like video calling, instant messaging, and presence tools are emerging as new ways to facilitate workforce collaboration. Legacy communication solutions don’t enable multi-layered and real-time collaboration. Advanced and intuitive solutions built by VoIP telecom companies offer end-to-end collaboration suites that modern corporations require.

  • VoIP telephony is enabling telecom service providers to offer tailor-made communication options.

Communication solutions should support a user’s unique needs, by offering additional telephony features like call transfer, the ability to merge and split calls, automatically record calls or even instant messaging, chat rooms, video conferencing, and screen sharing. VoIP telephony’s customizable solutions ensure these tools are within reach for users, improving efficiency, supporting mobility, and removing roadblocks to productivity.

  • VoIP has helped telecom brands provide the best user experiences.

A complicated communication system that is difficult to navigate will not provide the time-saving and productivity-boosting advantages that enterprises want. VoIP telecom solutions come with easy-to-use interfaces that enable users to easily access SIP calling and collaboration features that have the same UIs as the phone solutions they’re used to. This reduces the post-deployment learning curve and speeds up ROI.

  • When AI is added to VoIP, it gives enterprise communication a kick start.

Telecom companies are gravitating towards machine learning and AI, as these technologies help optimize back-end processes. When AI meets VoIP, it takes enterprise communication to another level. For example, the call centers can use AI to improve service delivery by providing self-help options that will lead customers to quick solutions. Using bots, AI can also foretell customer behavior and provide purchase insights. AI can also be leveraged for network capability improvements and providing seamless customer experiences.

To Sum Up

VoIP is leading the way for major technology changes in the telecommunication industry. This is due to diverse reasons. VoIP telecom services offer features that traditional telephone systems are not capable of doing. It is cost-effective and does not require heavy investments in physical infrastructure. It’s also becoming the go-to communication option as the gig economy grows and the changing nature of business requires enterprises to communicate anywhere in the world, at any time.

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