How Wealth Elite Proves to be a Complete Team for MFDs?

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For any kind of business, the need for a capable team is a must that decides the growth and performance of the firm in the industry. Similarly in the business of mutual fund distribution, and MFD should have a team that can handle the complete business on their part but the other part recruiting efficient staff is quite difficult and proves to be expensive. Human staff requires fixed cost and also have chances to make mistakes in the work. To overcome this issue MFD can trust the technology for handling their entire business operation.

Wealth Elite is the best AI Mutual Fund Software for the MFDs to accomplish every task of business at a low cost and no need to depend upon the staff. A sole MFD can easily manage every function of the business with the assistance of the right technology that allows serving clients from on boarding to sharing the final status of the investment. Every task is possible to execute with the help of a digital platform.

Here are the Key areas of Mutual Fund Business

  • Clients Management
    From on boarding an investor to deliver complicated portfolio reports, MFDs can complete all tasks from the simplified online platform which removes the dependency from manual work. The planning of investment for a particular investor can be prepared through the assistance of the Mutual Fund Software for IFA which is done accurately after assessing the risk potential of the investor. The portfolio of the entire family of a client can be easily managed by the distributor without facing any difficulty.
  • Pursuing Transactions
    The distributors don’t require recruiting an assistant specifically for placing transactions of the investors as the transactions can be easily placed through the digital platform just from a few clicks. The process of transactions is safe and secure which can be done without any intervention. Even the distributors get the facility to schedule future orders which will automatically get executed upon the due date.
  • Maintaining Records and Reports
    The digital tool has the potential to hold the records of the clients about portfolio and other details necessary for the business. Such a feature helps in minimizing the maintenance of documents and papers of the investors. Any report, document, and record can be accessed with a single click that gives complete convenience to the distributors.
  • Verification
    Distributors can easily verify the investors before investing the funds in the market. The digital KYC facility is available for the distributors which allow online verification of the clients through scanned documents and video. Such a facility saves the time and cost of the clients and the distributors as well. The documents of the investors can also be saved in the tool with password security which can be accessed by an authorized person.
  • Resolution Services 
    Through competent technology, the distributors can receive and resolve the issues of the investors within no time and in an accurate manner which improves client satisfaction and improves the productivity of the business. Solving the issues of the clients helps the distributors in retaining the existing clients and attracting new clients from different locations.
  • Planning and Calculations
    The investment planning and returns calculations can be easily performed with the help of Mutual Fund Software for Distributors that involves researching the past performance of the schemes. The complex calculations are presented most skillfully and are done with complete accuracy to achieve the desired results in an expected form. The planning of investment is done after considering the potential of the investor to bear risk in the market which helps in achieving goals on time.

It shows that how the wealth management software handles the tasks of a complete team and saves the efforts of the distributors and also the main focus can be given to acquiring new clients as the operational task can be easily handled by the software. Technology is the first need of any business and to achieve a dominant position in the industry the distributors need to have the tools which maximize the performance within the short term as the Wealth Elite software. Distributors with AI software capture the maximum number of investors as they deliver productive services to each investor.

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