How webroot antivirus warning alerts and hint dangers

How webroot antivirus warning alerts and hint dangers

Webroot antivirus (  is one of the most trusted security suite available in the market. It is equipped with all the latest security features that give complete protection from online threats. It is infused with such a sophisticated security measure that no threat can pass through its realtime security shield. Webroot antivirus warning alerts or hints danger the moment it detects any threat and swiftly performs the necessary action to neutralize it.

How webroot antivirus warning alerts and hint dangers?

  • The realtime block notifications of webroot if enabled shows a tray of alert notification whenever the antivirus shield detects a malware.
  • If the heuristics real-time block model setting is turned on it will show an alert or warning whenever it detects an executed program that according to the webroot antivirus database is a threat. It also prompts the user for what action it should perform. Let the program run or block it.
  • Even if no user is logged in, the real-time shield is always active and in alert mode. It blocks and quarantines the threat it detects. You can see the neutralize threats on the homepage.
  • Whenever a file is modified or a new file is saved on the disk, the webroot antivirus threat detection mechanism jumps into action and scan the newly saved or modified file. Any hint of danger or an infected file tries to launch itself, the realtime shield blocks it and prompt an alert.
  • Whenever the antivirus detects a threat, it swiftly prompts danger and alerts the user to block and send the threat to quarantine.
  • The webroot antivirus is also equipped with a feature that lets it remembers the action performed by the user on a previously detected threat. If it detects the same threat again it performs the same action without alerting the user. One can disable this setting. So each time the security shield detects a threat it will alert the user about the danger.

Hints and alerts when your PC is infected

There could be numerous signs and hints that your pc gives when it is infected by a virus or malware. When you see these danger signs it’s time that you must install trusted security software such as the webroot safe to get rid of these viruses and malware and protect your PC from further attacks.

  • A sluggish or very slow PC is the first sign that your pc is infected with a virus. A slow pc means its resources are being diverted to somewhere else such as a malware or virus files which a replicating and infecting other files.
  • A string of random popups and windows, while you are using your PC, is a sign of a virus. You should never respond to these pop messages or click on them.
  • If you find a load of files that you cannot recognize or you see files missing, this could be the working of a virus or malware.
  • The sudden or continuous shutdown of the pc is a wake-up call that your PC is at serious risk. Perform a backup of your important files and install an antivirus software immediately.

Webroot antivirus warning alerts and hints danger constantly and quarantine the threat promptly to keep its user safe and aware of the security threats.

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