How women move male sex dolls

As we all know, the Realistic Sex Doll is made according to the proportion of the real person, so it is close to the body weight of the real person. If a man buys a Sex Doll, we generally don’t worry about being able to move it. And if it’s a single woman, how do you move the life-size Sex Doll?

With open minds, women are now leading the way in empowering their gender. Women like this are more than willing to embrace the idea of intimacy through the use of surreal male sex dolls. To solve this problem, businesses will also provide convenience for female groups in order to open up the market.

Female players can buy lightweight sex toys, you can also buy Mini Sex Dolls, and in addition, you can buy torso sex dolls, which are much lighter than normal full body sex dolls. The average woman can move it.

As technology advances, manufacturers have been exploring techniques to reduce the weight of the Sex Doll, making the sex doll about 50% of the weight of a human of the same size. Using this new technology, you can lose at least another 10kg and more for a fuller doll!

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