How you can Secure Your Data from Loss and Breaches

If you are looking for the best data loss prevention systems along with a mechanism for more efficient information rights management, you should set store by Fasoo. With growing unstructured data inventory and its growth, you will naturally have to invest more in enhancing overall security along with productivity of the organization. This is where techniques of data loss prevention as offered by Fasoo, come in really handy.

From information rights management to highly advanced data security and classification, all necessary solutions are provided by Fasoo. You can avail of cutting-edge and highly advanced data protection solutions as well for safeguarding, tracking and controlling sensitive documents in transit, at rest and in usage persistently on any device at any point of time throughout the whole lifecycle of any document. By ensuring proper encryption of files and adding requisite granular controls, you can restrict printing, sharing and editing of sensitive content with unauthorized users both within and outside your organization as well. Fasoo Enterprise DRM (digital rights management) which is also called information rights management solutions, will safeguard you from data losses while helping you suitably manage insider related threats, keeping breaches of data successfully away and also implementing the highest protection standards for data which is completely unstructured.

With Fasoo by your side, you can implement the highest possible standards of protection for data which is completely unstructured. You can safeguard, control and trace any format of documents including file based derivatives, for meeting requirements in terms of security, irrespective of the location of any file. Through encryption and assignment of dynamic access control for sensitive files, you will make sure that the sole authorized users will readily access the content within the same. There is fully centralized management which simplifies overall user security by a great deal. You can easily implement and manage central security policies with documents being safeguarded whenever they are created by users or by downloading the same from information systems, cloud or any internal document repository without any interruptions for the user-based workflows. You can also apply exception based policies for lowering risks related to change management. You can lower the impact of security on productivity through simplification of the exception management procedure along with tapping behavioral analytics and giving proper intelligence to organizations with regard to optimizations of security policies.

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