How You Should Be At Soccer Tryouts?

US soccer development academy tryouts

There are so many children who want to qualify the soccer tryouts each year. These are highly competitive and knowing what is expected from the players can give your children advantage over the others. If you and your child are trying to qualify US soccer development academy tryouts then focus on some very important areas. Working on them will make you play a better game and impress the selectors.

The Speed

Speed can make a big difference that exists between win and loss. If you train your child on speed there is nothing better than that. The players who spend less time in thinking and reacting become the favorite of the coaches. Check out how fast your child is in thinking ahead. At the same time the players should be quick at grasping the ball and make fast moves on field.

The Alertness

Whether the player is able to move the ball with better control over ball or not dictates the skill of soccer. The players should be best in avoiding collisions during tryout matches. Obstacles will be there on field but during the tryouts your ability to move around them will be tested. You should be dribbling in & out and nimble on your feet to stay agile.

The Strength

Soccer is a 90 minutes game and hence to maintain the endurance is essential for the players. Don’t give your best shot in first 10 minutes and then give up. You have to survive, struggle and succeed till the time tryout is finished. Physical endurance is one of the best things to look out for in the soccer aspirants by their coaches.

The Attitude

Know your child’s natural game and work on his strengths to make him best in that. It is important to inculcate the sportsman spirit in children right in the initial days of their training. Teach them about the right balance between harmony and the competition. When they are on field with positive attitude even difficult situations turn out to be opportunities for them.

Tips To Stay Calm Under Pressure

While to work on the factors listed above is important, it is also worth to make a note of the ways to stay cool even in adverse situation on the soccer field. Things may always not be in your favor, you have to drive them your way. This is not possible if you fail to keep your cool.

  • Deep breaths- Breathing oxygen can give your brain the necessary fuel. Successful soccer players never breathe short.Possession of game comes from a better hold on oneself.
  • Demand ball- You will be playing good or bad if the ball is with you, but if you don’t have ball you will not be playing. Ask for it every time, yell for it with calls.
  • Keep head straight- Inspect the positions in fields before you handle the ball. It reduces the chances of a miss and bad pass.




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