How you should select a safe floor cleaner

The spread of covid-19 has brought a renewed sharp focus on our hygiene practices. Personally we all have become conscientious about regularly washing and sanitizing our hands. Additionally, we are cooped up at home this can indeed be an ideal time to be more productive and make your home a more pleasant place to live.

We are all well aware of using safe cleaners unfortunately nowadays not everything is formulated equally, many products contain corrosive toxic chemicals which may clean outwardly but certainly won’t help to protect the health of your family in the long run.

From cleaning to disinfecting, we’re here to share some tips to help you keep your floors clean and safe.

Your Easy Guide for Selection and Use of organic home cleaning products:

1. Ingredients Matter

Always start with the ingredient list. If the product doesn’t tell you what’s in it -stop right that very moment. Transparency plays a huge factor in safe products in this age. Meanwhile, there may be safe products with the disclosed ingredient list, no way of knowing about the product whether it’s safe or not!

2. Don’t fall for labeling tricks

Natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic these terms are often written on these labels to draw attention from their potential buyers just because the labels has these names on it doesn’t mean that it is. Always verify your purchase look at the ingredients and judge for yourself.

3. Choose your options smartly

Don’t fall for market tricks spend your money wisely as you are aware there are many products available in the market. Don’t just buy something on impulse because it’s a bargain always compare, keep in mind that some premium options are there only to look more appealing. You will be thankful for reducing the toxins at your place!

4. Know your toxins

Watch out toxins like Sulphates and phosphates which are known for causing discomfort in humans as well as polluting many water bodies and marine life. Even SLS and SLES are mainly found in detergents are very damaging to skin and can easily cause burns which can lead to dry and itchy skin.

5. Opt for honest branding

We look out at all the options available in the market before finalizing one, the good news is most of the products have highlighted on their packaging and specified it loud and clear whether they are dangerous so do listen and stay away.

We all deserve a toxic free life and to get there we need to voice our opinion, have stronger laws and demand healthier hygiene oriented products.

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