How Your Phone can save Your Life in an Emergency

When you are in trouble or facing some issues, it is not possible to use your phone at that time. But there are some applications built on the phone that can save your life in many ways.

Phones are so important to us and we use them in many ways like calling, messaging, connected to social media, and also get entertainment. But have you ever think that in the wrong situation it will work, yes it can save your life in many ways. Whenever you are in a critical condition or facing some your phone can help to save your life by dialing 911, all the android phones, and phone device has inbuilt life-saving tools.

Here Are Some Real-Life Examples of Life-Saving Tools

Example 1:- In the previous year, a young man’s life saved via the Android lifesaver tool when he was suddenly suffering from an asthma attack and not able to call doctors or relatives, he dialed 911 on his Android device. After calling his location, share to call center, and a team arrives at man location to help in time.

Example 2:- In the year 2017, A 4-year-old child saves his mother’s life by using the iPhone Siri application just asking Siri Call for “help.” After this command, Siri call to pizza order to help the victim, police get alert to save the victim from domestic violence.

These 2 examples are enough to understand phones can save our life and prevent life loss in that situation when no one there to help. So it is essential to understand this setting in your device. Phone applications always help you by calling the police and in emergency calls to hospitals. It can’t need any cellular network any data on your device. You can dial 911 in an emergency and ask Google Assistant and iPhone Siri to help.

Here are the tips in many ways that can your phones save your life in many ways.

Natural Disaster

Earthquakes, floods, and tsunamis are the most dangerous natural disaster that can devastate anything in a few moments. They can destroy buildings, human lives, utilities food, etc. This damage can take some days or weeks to prevent the disaster. We also lost our cellular network because our mobile tower can also be destroyed in the tsunami. In that case, we cannot use our phone to call our relatives and friends to help.

We do not know about this unexpected disaster, but we can ready to survive in that condition.

Here are some tricks and trips that can help you to get out while nature disaster:-

Sending Text messages:- Cellular network is required to place any call because of a natural disaster. If you can’t put any call, then you can use the message instead of the call. The message is required a few networks to sending messages to anyone you want. So the message is the first potation to connect to another person.

Application Service, while natural disaster:- In all the android mobiles and iPhones, as well as any mobile phone, has an inbuilt application that can help you in a natural disaster and any emergency.

SOS Application:- Android play store and Apple App store have lots of applications that can use to sending SOS messages via camera flash signal. For the iPhone, there is a flashlight and much more utility for the user, and android phones have bright LED flashing that can use in an emergency.

Stranded Wilderness

To save your battery, you can disable or delete those applications that are not in your use. You can disable your WI-FI and Bluetooth, when there is no cell tower, and keep your device at Airplane mode. It will keep your phone regularly searching for a network, which saves your battery.

GPS Find You Offline

  1. When your phone is in airplane mode, you can use your phone’s GPS function because it can work offline.
  2. If you are in a location with no network, then you can download an offline map of the area you have to visit. There you can use your phone to find yourself on the offline map. It has been tested in Apple device iPhone XS Max and Google Pixel 3 XL. It can take thirty seconds to locate yourself and GPS work without any cellular network.

Finding Facts on Plants

You might know about those plants we regularly see or we eat, bu=ut you want to know more about plants and their nutrition to eat them.

Here are some option:-

  1. You can download the “Wikipedia Application” and save the plants wiki for offline.
  2. If you have an Android device, you can use the Google lens to identify plants when you are in a location with a network receives. Remember, the lens never certified to botany tool. It especially advises for mushrooms and berries.

When You Can’t Place a Call

You can use your phone voice command for help instead of placing a call yourself. If you are an Apple iPhone user then, you can say to Siri, hey Siri, call 911. Android users can change settings, Ok, Google call 911.

  1. Remember that you have to enable Hey Siri on your Apple device, here are steps:-
  2. Tap on Setting
  3. Tap on Siri.
  4. Hit Listen for Hey Siri.
  5. Android users can enable Google Assistant and settings up voice match.
  6. If you are at home, you can use Amazon Echo, and here you can ask Alexa to call 911.


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