However , in doing so, I upgraded to a bigger

As soon as I spotted this issue I switched from WOW TBC Gold a 144hz main monitor with a secondary 60hz monitor to both my monitors operating at 144hz. The reason for this was that I didn’t wish to upgrade my system and the 60hz monitor I had was due for an upgrade.

However , in doing so, I upgraded to a bigger main monitor which meant that my GPU was now running lots of pixels and both at that high a rate of refresh. My GPU was now having to perform, despite being good enough for the classic WoW. It was not up to the task.

I noticed that , even with all addons off, regardless of which version of DX I chose, whether VSync on or off whatever if my GPU was pushing its limits, the game would display a degree of flickering. Zones such as Nagrand, with all of its lush vegetation, would force me to keep my GPU running at 100% that eventually led to slowing down.

It seems that WoW is not a fan of my GPU throttle. Even though my CPU wasn’t sweating, I saw the flickering when my GPU was at its limits. The flickering became more noticeable due to the addition of add-ons.

In this way, I reduced my in-game FPS limit to 60 , and the game became much better. It’s kind of annoying because after a few minutes of playing at a higher refresh rate it’s obvious that you’ve going back to 60, but it’s still better than the flickering that I was dealing with.

After altering my settings and restricting my framerate down to 60, I still was seeing a fair amount of flickering as said in my previous article. While I initially thought it was the fault of my GPU, a part of me believed it was the cause. In other games where my GPU was being stretched beyond its limits, I would be fine. It’s time to upgrade my GPU, which means I’ll require a new one. (I had intended to upgrade my GPU but …) But I think my GPU is working fine. There aren’t any problems with the hardware.

My problem lies in the reality that my version Windows 10 does not have the most current DWM, Desktop Window Manager the refresh rate code. Therefore, when WoW was running on my primary monitor had be synchronized to that of buy WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold what my GPU could do, which was typically not more than 144 FPS, it would then run into an issue. My second monitor worked perfectly as it was set to the 144hz. The DWM caused an increase in brightness and then drop the frames on my primary screen.

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