How’s the gaming industry harnessing the power of NFTs?


Cricket has never been just a sport for many of its fans. People across the globe have built a deep emotional connection with the sport. For a field that mostly thrives on its fans, it’s very important that the players and athletes give back to the fans. At somepoint the fans would want some recognition for the unconditional support they offer to the sport. This is where NFTs play an important role. The entry of Non Fungible tokens into the field of cricket has redefined the relationship that fans had with Cricket.

Cricket and Gaming NFTs
Fans have always been interested in collecting trading and collectible cards etc. Even a new merchandise for their favourite sports star would excite the fans so much. Imagine being able to own a particular moment from the history of cricket. Cricket NFTs has made all these possible Cricket fans and NFT enthusiasts are on cloud nine, because Cricket NFTs have helped the fans engage with the sport in a completely different way.

On the other hand, we have the gaming industry. Very similar to the sports industry, the gaming industry is highly dependent on the people who engage with it. For industry that are highly consumer dependent, it is important that these industries find new avenues and modes to engage with it’s customers. If we consider the gaming industry, the gamers have always been people who passively sit behind the screen and play the game. They put in all their effort and time into the game. Some games require the player to spend money and purchase a certain in-game asset to level up in the game. But once the game ends or if the player loses interest in the game, the purchases would go obsolete. And we have NFTs helping us all of these loopholes that’s there in traditional gaming. In NFT games, all the assets are tokenized, hence the gamer has full ownership his the assets purchased. The gamer can sell or trade it on other platforms or even rent it to other players in the same game. NFTs have also led to the rise in a new model of Play-to earn gaming.

MCL Game- Cricket meets Gaming
Meta cricket League is the world’s first play-to-earn cricket NFT game.
The MCL game is a hit-to-earn NFT game which is said to stand out to be unique from all the other games.
Users can utilize the MCL players NFTs and MCL Signed bats NFTs to acquire ownership of the in-game assets, earn JT points and level up in the leader board. The roadmap of the game suggests that, there will be more evolutions in the game that will test the skills of the player.

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