HP initiative to Smart Printing with Smart Assistant

Thanks to this new initiative by the renowned American multinational information technology company, HP that you can now start talking to your printer also. This means you can simply give the print commands without even touching the device. To make this happen, digital assistants are coming in the action, courtesy by HP. However, the feature is not built into HP printer yet.


But users can still avail the functionality considering it a new skill to use with their smart speaker or assistant application. Both of these will go perfectly with all HP’s web-enabled printers. According to the HP’s Anneliese Olson, bringing in voice into the home printer is undoubtedly a useful application of the technology.

“This virtual assistant ecosystem makes a real sense for the busy families who want to save a single minute of theirs to utilize it doing some other task. Connecting a printer to the virtual assistant is a natural extension and a great initiative within the smart home. With this, you will be able to directly give the commands such as “print out my reminders”, “print out my notes” or “print some graph papers”, says Hewlett Packard in a report. You even don’t need to make a mouse click or tap on your device’s screen.

The company is planning to embed these virtual assistants into its web-enabled printers in the upcoming years. In the meanwhile, you will have to use an intermediary device such as a smart speaker or assistant app.

Key Role of Smart Assistant

The smart assistant app can not only help you with smart printing but also tell you if you are low on ink or the right time to fill in or replace your printer’s cartridge. The assistant helps you save your time that you put in hunting through the settings screens on your computer system. These skills can now be availed by the customers and HP has also created three separate landing pages for each one:

  1. Google Assistant
  2. Alexa
  3. Cortana

Considering behind-the-scenes updates, the company can easily upgrade the printing capabilities of Google Assistant, Alexa and Cortana in the upcoming time. This is to respond the growing number of commands to print or change the printer’s configuration or change the printers’ settings.

While HP is the first company to bring in this initiative, you can also expect other printer manufacturers to gradually follow HP’s footsteps as most of the gadgets we use today come up with some kind of voice assistant built-in. The rise of the smart speaker is now occupied by one in six Americans.

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