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My printer won’t print

There are many reasons why your printer won’t print, so start with the basics such as checking to see whether there is an error message or warning light on the printer. Make sure there is paper in the tray(s), check the ink or toner cartridges aren’t empty, the USB cable is plugged in or the printer is connected to Wi-Fi.


And if it is a network or wireless printer, try using a USB cable instead. In our experience, some Wi-Fi printers are unreliable in terms of their connection. So it’s worth unplugging your printer and any powerline network adapters it’s connected to, then turning everything back on again.diagnose hp printer problems


  • Select the right printer!

Sometimes the reason a printer won’t print is because you’ve installed some software which has a ‘virtual’ printer and this has set itself as the default. When you hit Print, a file will be saved by this virtual printer instead of the document being sent to your physical printer.


  • To check this, open the Control Panel from the Start menu. Then go to Devices and Printers, right-click the correct printer to use and set it as the default. (While you’re there, you can also ensure the printer’s status is set to Ready. If not, this could be the source of the problem.)


  • Next, make sure that the correct printer is selected in the program you are printing from – you should see an option to choose from a list as in the image below.


  • Solve common printing problems: default printer


  • Microsoft has a printing troubleshooter that can help to identify problems. Click the Fix it button, download and run the program, then follow the steps in the wizard.


You can also open the Control Panel, Devices and Printers, right click the printer icon and select Troubleshoot. It doesn’t always help, but it’s worth trying.


How to fix printer problems HP

HP has a Print and Scan Doctor to identify problems, and Canon has lots of great videos on its website – click your printer model and then click the Troubleshooting videos link.


Printer not printing one of the most frequently encountered HP printer problems when using a printer. However, the troubleshooting methods may vary according to different brands. In this post, the focus is HP printer not printing.


To fix HP printers not printing issues successfully, you should learn the possible causes for it. For that, move to the next section of the post.


Why Is My HP Printer Not Printing

What results in my HP printer won’t print? You may have such doubt when encountering HP printers not printing issues. Well, according to investigation, there are several possible factors that can cause the HP printer problems.


When you encounter one of the following cases, your HP printer won’t print.


  • The printer driver is missing or outdated.
  • You get a faulty connection.
  • You set a bad configuration in Windows.
  • There’s something wrong with the printer.


Solution 1: Check the Status of Your HP Printer

When the HP printer not printing issue occurs, the first thing you need to do it to check the status of your printer. For example, when your printer is offline, you cannot print. Besides, you should also check other status of your HP printer.


To be specific, you should make sure that your printer has sufficient paper, ink or toner and without paper jam. If the printer cartridge’s status is faulty, you should replace it with a new one. After carrying out these operations, check if the HP printer can print properly. If not, try other methods immediately.


Solution 2: Execute Basic HP Printers Troubleshooting

You can also check some items with the printer to troubleshoot the HP printer not printing issue. Firstly, you should check the connection cables between the wall power to the HP printer power connector.


Then, perform a cabling check from the printer to Windows computer. You should also ensure that the network cable runs properly for the HP printer. In addition, have a look at the lights in front of the HP printer.


If they are not lighted, plug the power cord and turn on the printer. You can try restarting the HP printer by turning it off and unplug the power cord as well. After waiting for a few minutes, plug the cord back and turn it on to check if the printer works as usual.


Hope that this article will help you know about hp printer problems, if you face any other queries please contact us.


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