Hp Support Assistant Download & Installation Manual

The state of the art, features loaded hp devices are also backed by
sophisticated utility tools to detect and remove any unwelcoming
setbacks and keep the hp devices at their working best. Hp support
assistant software is one such tool.
What is the hp support assistant tool?
It's a utility that is included with all hp laptops. It monitors the
system for errors and fixes them so that it does not affect the
system's performance.
What are the steps for hp support assistant download?
● Navigate to the hp official webpage.
● Open the download section then move to the driver download
● Hp support assistant installer and hp support solution
framework will be listed on the page.
● Specify the operating system. Like for windows choose
windows OS and for Mac select Mac OS.
● Click the download button located under the hp support
assistant option.
● If your system prompts you to save the file, specify the location
then click Save.
What are the steps to install hp support assistant?
● Open the folder where you saved the hp support assistant
installer file.
● Double click the file to run the installer software.

● On the installer, dialogue box screen, click on the 'I agree'
option to accept the license agreement.
● Click install now and let the software install the necessary files.
● When the installation finishes restart the system.
● You will see the hp support assistant icon on the desktop.
What are the steps to disable the hp support assistant?
You can turn off the hp support assistant should any problem arise
or if it impedes other programs. Execute the given steps;
● Open the program then click settings.
● Select health analysis, then click and expand the frequency
● In the frequency drop down menu, click the never option.
● Revert to the settings screen and choose the tune-up option.
● Expand tune-up frequency drop-down menu and select never.
What are the steps to uninstall the hp support assistant?
If you notice that the support assistant software is not working as
intended or is unable to update, you can remove it from your hp
laptop then install the newer version. The process is quite easy, here
are the steps;
● Enter the control panel window and look for the uninstall
program link.
● Click the link and open the windows program uninstall tool.
● Right-click hp support assistant entry then select uninstall.
● If a warning prompt appears, just click yes.
The program removal tool will uninstall the support assistant
software and delete any associated files.

For further Details visit…..123.hp.com/setup

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