Get The Ultimate Solution for All HP Printer Dilemmas

HP printing devices are made up of best configuration and advanced features. Though the brand is famous for the reliability and performance of the product, sometimes glitches managed to build a path to enter in your HP printer. Users who are required printers on daily basis must keep the recovery methods on their finger-tips to maintain the steady performance of your HP printer.

Paper Jam Issues:

The most common issues among all it paper jam issues. There could be countless reasons behind the paper jam issue such as stuck paper pieces, accumulated dirt on the surface, and the wrong type of paper used can also promote paper jam in your printer. Sometimes it becomes and severe can only be repaired by replacing the rollers. Though cleaning is an easy-to-do task, replacing rollers is not a straightforward process.

The other things are secondary, first of all, you need to remove the jammed paper. Pull the paper in the direction of printing, pulling backward can damage your printer. Now, do the needful, such as replacing rollers. In HP, unlike other brands, you do not need to rip the printer to replace the rollers.

Fade Printing:

There could be mainly their reason behind the faded printer in your HP printer:

  • The printer is running out of toner.
  • The density of print is too narrow.
  • The Economode in HP printer is enabled.

A faded printing is easy to resolve if you have in-depth knowledge of your HP printer settings. To manage the density and Economode, there is a separate button to adjust the settings. The low or dull printing can be cured by choosing a higher density for printing. For the low printer, open the printer and remove the cartridge and shake it well to evenly distribute the toner.


Ghosting is when faded and an uneven copy gets printed on a fresh page. This happens due to power outages and other issues with toner. Unplug and re-insert the power cord or use different electric-sourced to check the issue. Also, it occurs when some of the crucial parts of your printing device are counting the end days of life and need to be replaced. Look for drum unit or fuser unit and replace if required. Also, the thickness of appearing and humidity inside the printer can also create the Ghosting issues. If you are unable to resolve on your own contact HP Technical Support.

The 50.4 Message:

The 50.4 errors also occur due to issue with power supply. To check this error, disconnect your printer from the UPS and remove it from power strip to plug directly into UPS. Also, if you are using laser printer avoid using UPS to plug it as it can destroy all the integral parts of your printer. Furthermore, check all the connections and components to ensure the proper supply of electricity through the printer.

Inability to Find Correct Drivers:

With every update of your operating system, it is necessary to update drivers for your HP printer. Every printer is not compatible with the new release of your OS until unless it has right-matched drivers for your printer. If you are using emulated drivers, you will be able to perform the basic printing tasks but cannot do the advanced printing.

HP Toll-Free Number is the straightforward approach to resolve the issues related to HP printers. If all your manual efforts are not giving the satisfactory results, calling the experts is the only option left behind. Do not waste your efforts if you aren’t sure of the root cause of issues. Give a call to HP Tech Support and resolve all errors in one go.

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