HR automation. Workflows and Cloud BPM for Human Resources management

HR automation is essential to streamline workflows and documents in every Human Resources department. It is a key instrument to better help employees but, it also matters to build an efficient HR department. Just a few typical examples:

  • Staff requisition
  • New-hire onboarding
  • Employee offboarding
  • Training requisition
  • Performance evaluation
  • Leave request
  • Notice of absence
  • Vacations and extraordinary licenses requisition
  • Employee change of position/location
  • Employee discount request (for company services)
  • and a big… Etcetera.

For a long time, these processes were based on paper or emails. As a result, they took more time than expected. Furthermore, sometimes forms and emails were lost. As a result, employees had to ask many times for their request. Probably HR got very stressed to find the answers… Key performance indicators sample for Cloud BPM

HR automation to improve workflows

HR automation is possible and easy by following these steps:

First of all, set up your form. Define the fields that will store relevant information for the workflow. For example, in a Vacation Request: leaving date, returning date. (see How to set up the ‘Process Form’)

Then, set up the workflow. Define the tasks your team needs to complete. Assign users and roles for each task. For example, in the Vacation Request: approve vacation, register vacations, etc. (see Basic Workflow elements)

Finally, deploy your process. Use it. Measure it. And improve it consequently !

You can certainly see the tasks. Similarly, you can identify business rules and who has to do what. Likewise, a public form lets any person apply (without a user/password).

HR Workflow automation benefits:

You will find measurable and not measurable benefits. Some of them are:

  • Better serve your employees. Avoid asking several times for each request. Furthermore, they can receive automatic notifications in each workflow step.
  • Enhance compliance with your process. Hence, every request will follow the steps you defined.
  • Cost savings. Reduce paper/mail based process. Similarly, eliminate paper transport and storage.
  • HR staff productivity due to avoiding re-work when losing papers/emails.
  • Measure your process. Get KPI’s, like time spent in each stage, to improve your decisions.
  • Improve accountability. Flokzu will store a full audit trail for each process execution.
  • Foster through collaboration. Unquestionably, Process Modeling fosters Collaborative Teams.

Human Resource Workflow

Using a cloud BPM Suite like Flokzu, that provides Software as a Service (SaaS), you can automate these workflows in hours. Most noteworthy, you won’t need technical skills. Due to Flokzu runs on the cloud, you can use it right now. Therefore, you won’t need to install software nor IT approvals.

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