There are a lot of benefits for using an Android emulator on your Mac as it gets you unparalleled gaming experience and more. You can also check multiple apps or play various games on the same account at the same time. Nowadays, a lot of good graphics and high storage games are available that might not fit on your mobile screen, but you can play them on your Mac easily. And these games will run very smoothly while giving you a great UI. Some of the best emulators that you can get on your Mac device are:


This Android emulator is available for free to download that uses Android version 7 while providing stable and smooth gameplay. Nox will offer support for the keyboard, script recording, and other multiple instances. You can open the keyboard mapping with just one simple click to get the real PC gaming experience. It allows you to record your complex operations and execute the script with a single click while running multiple instances at the same time to play more games. It includes a lot of gaming apps, as well.

LD Player

It is another free gaming emulator that offers two versions of it, which uses Android 5.1 and Android 7.1. It provides a robust gaming optimization and offers multi-instance, macro support, smart key mapping, high FPS settings, and more. It provides gamer-oriented features and the power to optimize your Android gaming experience, even if you use AMD or Intel-powered computers. You can enjoy popular games like Pirates of the Caribbean, Lords Mobile, The Seven Deadly Sins, and more. It offers excellent graphical support up to 60fps. You can download this emulator directly from their website.

Bliss OS

This one is an open-source operating system based on Android that offers multiple optimizations, features, and expanded device support for not only Mac but also for Windows, Linux, and Chromebook PC. It saves battery and doesn’t affect its performance. Also, it focuses a lot on designing and customizable themes. The users can also choose between desktop or tablet UI based on the launcher they use, or they can customize their own experience by mixing both the UIs. It includes configuration for various gamepads and profiles for Tincore key mapper. All your personal data is always secured as they constantly update their security from Google for their current developed version.

Prime OS

The Prime OS is completely based on Android x86, and it offers access to millions of Android applications. This is not an ordinary emulator as it is installed as a partition on your computer, which will boost the native running Android. It is a complete fusion of Android and PC. You can play any Android games with the help of a keyboard and mouse. It offers you access to most of the Android apps and games while providing support for mouse and keyboard. It makes multi-tasking easy as you will be able to play games, watch video content, or do any other task of your preference, simultaneously.


This emulator enables its users to run an unlimited number of Android APKs for free. This emulator can be installed as a Google Chrome extension as well. If you install it as a Chrome extension, then you will be able to run Android apps and games with limited support. However, it is not easy to get it on your Mac as you will have to install it from Chrome first, and then you will have to obtain the APKs to load them in. You will have to follow one extra step to make the APK compatible. Once that’s done, you will have to follow a few more steps to get this emulator on your device.


It is available in two editions, that is, a free and premium version. The free version runs on Android 4.0.4 (ICS), and it offers multiple screen sizes, keyboard international language support, and more. The premium version ($29.99) runs on Android 5.1.1 lollipop and provides almost the same features along with ten days of a free trial. It doesn’t offer any game-specific features, which makes it lightweight and smooth.

Phoenix OS

This emulator is based on Android 7.1, and you can easily install it on your hard disc without affecting any original document system. The installation procedure of this emulator requires a few set-ups from the USB drive. It is one of the newest members in the world of Android emulators.

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Source: Top 7 Android Emulators for Mac in 2020

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