A brief history of bonnets

Growth of bonnet at England: a brief history of bonnets — today I will discuss the assorted fashions of headwear worn by women during the Regency. To begin with, prior to becoming to the particulars and also rather photographs, I will attempt to shed some light on the gaps between a Tempcap and a bonnet. This might perhaps not be so easy because there isn’t an obvious distinction between the two. A superior spot to get started figuring word puzzles out is to have a look in the etymology for just about every word… ordinarily, that will be! According to the OED, the outdated English, Latin, along with proto germanic words which most evolved into the word that supposed a”hood, cowl, mind covering helmet” and far predated the word Tempcap. So, for most of the head covering the historical past, the general term for something worn on the head turned into a hat.


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