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If you are buying a home in Charlotte, you may want to check out the Huntsville NC store.The Huntersville Market was sought after (but still in demand) because of its large site and quality. In 1990, Huntsville was the only small town that slept 3,000 people. Currently (in 2009) there are over 43,000.

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A few things: Huntsville is only 15 miles north of Charlotte and only 18 miles northeast of Charlotte-Douglas Airport. It is located between Lake Norman and Charlotte. However, if a good house is a king, something else has to happen. And Huntsville has more. It offers all the community services, from business premises to bistros, and health facilities – there are all the ties, walks. More than two -thirds of the nation’s population has traveled since 1995. Regional leaders include Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Lowes, Nucor, Goodrich and NASCAR. The other major project is the Presbyterian Hospital and new movie theaters ($ 56 million) located at NC 73 and I-77 in Huntsville. The average household income is $ 90,000 and 49% of adults have an immigrant degree or higher.

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As the 25th most important location in the United States. If it’s halfway through, you’ll see a lot of South Charlotte standing out. That is easier said than done. Huntersville Central Home for sale $ 231,400.Newcomers can choose from many Huntersville supermarkets for purchase. With the new location, the family area offers hiking and biking opportunities – such as Cedar field Plantation and Winfield Forest. Torrents Creek offers access to green trails, city pools, swimming pools, tennis courts; parks … even golf and volleyball in Winfield!

Macaulay nearby, is very new

. You will find beautiful homes in Huntsville in this development. McCauley has several beautiful homes from Ryland Homes Builders, Shea, and DR. Horton House at St. provided by Lawrence. Good amenities include a park, a beautiful town square, a ballroom, a sports field, a swimming pool, a tennis court, a walkway and a small swimming pool.Birkdal  Country 꽁머니 is located near Macaulay. It offers a cultural space surrounded by 18 semi-private Arnold Palmer estates, including the town of Bridle. It is a clean city and includes a small Olympic swimming pool, a small swimming pool, two parks, a sports field, a tennis court and a tennis court. Two of the best shopping areas for Huntersville golf courses and golf courses include North stone Country Club (exclusive) and Sky brook Golf Club (exclusive).Bridle County (National Design Award winner) is also in Huntsville. It includes buildings and offices on the Central Nantucket Square promenade.


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Connections are a challenge. Scattered in the mix are many fine restaurants, including Cork & Bottle (bar), Middies’ Southern Bistro, Dressler (top line), eyes fusion sushi wine, ice cream parlor, pizza shop , bookstore and 16 size It is popular. Museum.Wooden chairs and armchairs have space and the shade of a fountain, which is a favorite of the shops of Bridle Village and Huntersville! Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District to assist Huntersville. As the area grows, so does educationHuntersville High School include North Mecklenburg High School and Hopewell High Scholl Huntersville High School: Alexander, Bradley, and Bailey High School.



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